Jan. 7th, 2016

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Recipient: [personal profile] fluffybun
Title: The Perfect Christmas
Author: [tumblr.com profile] hydrangeas-in-the-rain
Rating: G
Verse: Manga - Pokemon Adventures
Characters/Pairings: Dia/Platinum, Pearl with a cameo from Blue (girl)
Summary: Dia wants to ask Platina out for Christmas but he isn't sure what would make Platina happy. Pearl, being his best friend, steps in to help out with all he can to ensure the two can have the perfect Christmas date.
Author's Note: "Little Miss" sounds weird when Dia and Pearl address Platina, so I used "Missy" instead.
'Blue' is used to refer to the girl in this fic!
Don: Bastiodon
Tung: Lickilicky
italics: Flashbacks/thoughts
I might have taken too much liberty for what goes on in Christmas in Sinnoh oops.
Characters might seem a bit OOC but hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas fluffybun \(OwO)/

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] flashcotton
Title: Alleviation
Author: [personal profile] straightforwardly
Rating: G
Verse: Games - Gen IV
Characters/Pairings: Saturn & Mars
Summary: In the aftermath of Mars’ failure at the Valley Windworks, Saturn is there.
Notes: This was mainly inspired by the prompt for Saturn and Mars being platonic best friends and playing video games together, though I also inserted a bit of the hurt-comfort leanings of the other prompts. There was supposed to be more bicker-flirting between Mars and Jupiter in here as well, but I couldn’t quite manage to fit that in naturally. I hope you enjoy this!

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] AshcoForever
Title: Meaning of the Journey
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] tauri
Rating: PG-13
Verse: Gameverse (Pokemon XY)
Characters/Pairings: Serena/Shauna
Summary: Having gained the title of Champion, Serena is still happily traversing Kalos to find the next exciting thing to investigate. Shauna doesn't feel that her path is quite so straightforward, and isn't sure what to do next. Serena tries to give advice, but Shauna has another method in mind.

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Recipient: [twitter.com profile] 2eijous
Title: Sleepy Forest
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] spiral-sketches
Rating: G
Verse: Games (XY)
Characters/Pairings: Vileplume, Goodra, Darumaka
Summary: A sleeping Goodra unknowingly gets its mucus on poor Darumaka as Vileplume watches very amused

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