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Recipient: [personal profile] samuraiter
Title: Garrison
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] FallacyFallacy/[tumblr.com profile] FibonacciSequins
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Verse: Pokemon Emerald gameverse
Characters/Pairings: Wallace, Steven, and the Hoenn gym leaders and elite 4
Summary: The remnants of teams Magma and Aqua are beginning to stir once more, and nobody wants things to get as bad as they did last time. But how on earth did they ever get that bad the first time around in the first place?
Content Notes: Gen, bucketloads of Pokemon world headcanons, politics (sorry!), extremely charismatic people, swearing aside nothing worse than what was in the game
A/N: I hope this fic is what you wanted – I wasn't sure how to tackle your prompt so I kinda went at it from an unusual angle so as to focus on stuff I'm a bit better at writing;; I hope it's still okay!

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Recipient: [personal profile] goldfinch
Title: peppermint
Author: [personal profile] staccato 
Rating: pg
Verse: Pokemon Gameverse - Gen III (AU)
Characters/Pairings: steven stone / wallace
Summary: Christmas themed Coffee Shop AU. Steven is a TA, overloaded with stuff to grade and it's almost Christmas goddamnit. Maybe he doesn't want to go home for break because he can't stand the thought of more stuffy, high society parties that his dad likes to throw. Anyway, he just really needs a good cup of coffee right now, but this barista who smells of peppermint syrup brews him up a candy cane latte instead.

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