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Recipient: [personal profile] outstretched
Title: New Leadership
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] definefreakforme
Rating: G
Verse: games, SoulSilver/HeartGold
Characters/Pairings: Soulsilvershipping (Silver/Lyra)
Summary: The Champion of the Indigo League assigns the new leader of the Viridian Gym, and passes it to man she knows is worthy of it, despite its history.

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Title: Queens
Author: [personal profile] outstretched / [archiveofourown.org profile] skylark
Rating: G
Verse: Gameverse - Gen IV (HGSS)
Characters/Pairings: Lyra/Leaf
Summary: Lyra finds her at the shore's edge, chewing on a popsicle stick.
Notes: The prompt was "One character finds out another's secret." I played fast and loose with that idea, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I was excited to write femslash for you, so thank you for your request! I kept Leaf's FRLG role intentionally vague.

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Title: Feeling Words
Author: [personal profile] axolotl
Rating: G/PG
Verse: Gameverse, HGSS
Characters/Pairings: Lyra/Silver
Summary: Silver chases Lyra down for a battle, and despite her initial reluctance, she's glad he did.
Notes: Thank you for the chance to look at my favorite ship from a different angle! I hope you enjoy it; I enjoyed writing it. :D


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Title: Goodness and Light

Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Haruka_Malayo

Rating: T

Verse: Games, Gen IV/Johto

Characters/Pairings: Ethan/Silver, with Lyra/Ethan/Silver friendship

Summary: AU, based off HGSS games, Pokemon world without Pokemon, English language basis (English names, no honorifics). It’s Christmastime in the zombie apocalypse, and all Ethan wants is a tree.

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Recipient: [personal profile] hamimi_fk
Title: No Replacement
Artist: [personal profile] pyroresonance 
Rating: R
Verse: Pokémon gameverse, gen ii/iv
Characters: Kris/Lyra
Summary: Kris is counterpart to Lyra, and also to the cold that accompanies long winter nights. Prompt- huddling for warmth.
Warnings: NSFW


a preview of the larger image underneath the cut.

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