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Thank you so much to our pinch-hitters [personal profile] curbstompers and [personal profile] chocolateowls for helping us make sure that everybody got a dose of holiday cheer. You guys rock!! And to everyone who communicated with us and got their gifts in on time, thank you for helping the exchange run smoothly!

Please leave comments and/or reblog the gifts you enjoyed! We're sure you remember how hard you worked on your own presents, so please spread a little love to your fellow ficcers and artists as well! And don't forget those gifts given to the community as a whole—they deserve attention too!

Gifts listed in alphabetical order by recipient.

Gifts can be found on tumblr HERE.

Untitled (G, Mewtwo) by [personal profile] pyrrhocorax for the community (art)

A Twinleaf Snowfall (G, Barry/Lucas/Dawn) by [tumblr.com profile] nidoranduran for the community (fic)

Christmas Kisses (G, White/N) by anonymous for [personal profile] abarero (art)

Waking up on Christmas Morning to You (G, White/N) by anonymous for [personal profile] abarero (art)

We Deserve Each Other (G, Black/White/N) by [livejournal.com profile] masu_trout for [livejournal.com profile] aetherling (fic)

Let's Trade (PG, Serena/Shauna) by [personal profile] memorialrainbow for [personal profile] axolotl (fic)

Summer Snow (PG, Wikstrom/Dawn) by [livejournal.com profile] kingdra for [personal profile] chocolateowls (fic)

Epic Hat (G, Brendan/Steven) by [personal profile] samuraiter for [tumblr.com profile] crescendo-blaue (fic)

Wintry Dragon Heart (G, Iris/Benga) by [tumblr.com profile] ismichi for [tumblr.com profile] crobat (art)

All I Want for Christmas (is You) (PG-13, Volkner/Flint, Roark, Lucian, Candice, Cynthia) by [personal profile] lilcrickee for [archiveofourown.org profile] fireblasts (fic)

After (PG, Pearl/Platinum) by [personal profile] chocolateowls for [personal profile] fluffybun

This Song of Mine in Three-Quarter Time (NC-17, Cheren/Bianca) by [personal profile] chocolateowls for [tumblr.com profile] nidoranduran (fic)

Untitled (PG-13, Candice/Volkner) by [tumblr.com profile] crobat for [personal profile] fugthimble (art)

Untitled (G, game!Red/manga!Ruby) by [tumblr.com profile] crescendo-blaue for [tumblr.com profile] goddessofanubis (art)

Christmas Eve (G, Gold/Silver) by [personal profile] aetherling for [tumblr.com profile] hickorynose (fic)

Finding a Way Together (PG, Red/Yellow) by [personal profile] fluffybun for [tumblr.com profile] ismichi (fic)

The Pikachu Protection Crew (PG, Dawn/May + supporting cast) by [archiveofourown.org profile] fireblasts for [personal profile] kannaophelia (fic)

Spring Will Come, in Time (PG, Black/White) by [fanfiction.net profile] fugthimble for [livejournal.com profile] kingdra (fic)

Destined (G, Erika/Sabrina) by [personal profile] kannaophelia for [livejournal.com profile] masu_trout (fic)

Bonne Chance (PG, Green/Serena, Professor Sycamore) by [personal profile] outstretched for [personal profile] memorialrainbow (fic)

Taking the First Step (G, Shauna/Serena) by [personal profile] abarero for [personal profile] mirroreuler (fic)

Zippers (PG, Black/White) by [tumblr.com profile] goddessofanubis for [tumblr.com profile] nyenuma (fic)

Operation: Outlast the Snowstorm! (G, Furret, Sawsbuck, Torkoal, Rotom, Claydol) by [archiveofourown.org profile] fireblasts for [personal profile] pyrrhocorax (fic)

Garrison (Wallace, Steven, and the Hoenn gym leaders/elite 4) by [archiveofourown.org profile] fallacyfallacy for [personal profile] samuraiter (fic)

See you next year!
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Recipient: [personal profile] abarero
Title: Waking Up on Christmas Morning to You
Artist: Anonymous
Rating: G
Verse: Game, Black/White Verse
Characters/Pairings: White, N
Summary: None
Content Notes: None


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Recipient: [personal profile] pyrrhocorax
Title: Operation: Outlast the Snowstorm!
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Fireblasts, [tumblr.com profile] fire-blasts
Rating: G / All Audiences
Verse: Games – Mystery Dungeon verse but without canon characters. Just in terms of Pokemon independence / society.
Characters: Furret, Sawsbuck, Torkoal, Rotom, Claydol.
Summary: Furret’s got a broken window that’s letting too much snow in. Some of her friends drop by to help her out around the house.
Content Notes: For pyrrhocorax / secretlyawizard, who asked for a wintery celebration of Pokemon friendship. I’m afraid that between the holiday spirit and such a cute prompt, I couldn’t help but turn it into a little bit of a Dr. Seuss shindig. Sorry for all my bad rhymes!

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] nidoranduran
Title: This Song of Mine in Three-Quarter Time
Author: [personal profile] chocolateowls
Rating: NC-17
Verse: Games | Gen V
Characters/Pairings: Cheren/Bianca
Summary: Shopping for Cheren is a nightmare, but Bianca hopes a personal gift will do just fine.
Notes: One festive porn coming right up! Fluff, lingerie, and general sexytimes follow. Happy holidays! ♥


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Recipient: [personal profile] fluffybun
Title: After
Author: [personal profile] chocolateowls
Rating: PG
Verse: Pokémon Special | DPPt
Characters/Pairings: Pearl/Platinum
Summary: Growing up means losing your way, but it also means finding it again. Pearl's first step is challenging Sinnoh's gyms.
Notes: There were so many prompts, I hope I chose a good one! Happy holidays! ♥


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Recipient: [personal profile] mirroreuler
Title: Taking the First Step
Author: [personal profile] abarero
Rating: G
Verse: Games (Kalos and Unova relevant)
Characters/Pairings: Shauna/Serena, N/BW protagonist (gender not mentioned)
Summary: Sometimes it takes a stranger to understand yourself
Notes: Ended up blending two prompts here a bit, but it’s all good (hopefully). Happy Holidays!



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Recipient: [personal profile] memorialrainbow
Title: Bonne Chance
Author: [personal profile] outstretched
Rating: PG
Verse: Pokemon Gameverse – Kanto & Kalos
Characters/Pairings: Green/Serena, hinted Green/Red, Professor Sycamore
Summary: “The famous Professor Oak's grandson came here to the Kalos region to study abroad. He got 'Bonjour' down just fine, but he still always said 'Smell ya later!' when he left!”
Content Notes: Green really disliking Sycamore, super awkward French
Author's Notes: a.k.a. “Sonata's Kalos headcanons: the fic.” Thank you so much to [personal profile] kuruk, [personal profile] avioletqueen, [personal profile] napple, and Mika for the beta/French help.

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] hickorynose, [deviantart.com profile] blanchenoire
Title: Christmas Eve
Author: [personal profile] aetherling / [livejournal.com profile] aetherling
Rating: G
Verse: post-game gen ii
Characters/Pairings: Gold and Silver
Summary: After getting shut-in by a blizzard, Gold and Silver decide to put aside their differences for the time being to try and enjoy their Christmas Eve alone in the Pokemon Center.
Author Notes: ihavenoideawhatimdoing.gif. Remember kids, don't drink and drive. Also the real Christmas miracle this year is [personal profile] pokemod not murdering me for turning this in so late.
Content Tags: Gold being a jerk (or just being Gold)

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Recipient: [archiveofourown.org profile] fireblasts
Title: All I Want For Christmas (Is You)
Author: [personal profile] lilcrickee
Rating: Teen
Verse: Games, Gen IV
Characters/Pairings: Volkner/Flint, Roark, Lucian, Candice, Cynthia
Summary: For fireblasts who asked for Flint + Volkner + Vista Lighthouse = falling in love. Cue boys being oblivious, friends being obvious, and lots and lots of Christmas lights.

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] ismichi
Title: Finding a Way Together
Author: [personal profile] fluffybun
Rating: PG
Verse: Pokemon Special Manga
Characters/Pairings: Red/Yellow
Summary: Yellow and Red, finding understanding and comfort while being lost in a forest at night.
Content Notes: Set some years after the Emerald Saga. Yellow developing her powers, Red being Red, but with some more awareness.

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] goddessofanubis
Title: Untitled
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] crescendo-blaue
Rating: G
Verse: game!Red/manga!Ruby
Characters/Pairings: Red/Ruby
Summary: Red and Ruby are on a date, Ruby thinks Red is cool but he is so quiet and that makes Ruby feel awkward towards Red
Content Notes: None.


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Recipient: The Community
Title: Untitled
Artist: [personal profile] pyrrhocorax
Rating: E
Verse: anime/games
Characters/Pairings: Mewtwo
Summary: Tarot
Content Notes: two of my prompts were Mewtwo and a list of tarot cards. the card that seemed most to represent him (as seen in the movies) was The Lovers as it represents finding your ideals so I did a Mewtwo version. the windmills are from New Island and the island and the lake are where he was living in the sequel.
Author's Notes: I hope you like it!


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Recipient: [personal profile] aetherling
Title: We Deserve Each Other
Author: [livejournal.com profile] masu_trout
Rating: G
Verse: Pokemon: Black & White (Generation V)
Characters/Pairings: Black & White & N (Gen)
Summary: White gets free tickets to see a musical. Black and N decide to come along. (Luckily, sneaking a fugitive into a black tie event is much easier than any of them would have assumed.)
Content Notes: Apartment sharing, musicals, convoluted family trees, and a whole lot of fluff. Not canon to B2W2.
When you saved the world, there were certain assumptions people started making about you.

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Recipient: [personal profile] fugthimble
Title: Untitled
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] crobat
Rating: PG-15
Verse: gameverse
Characters/Pairings: candice/volkner
Summary: under a kotatsu
Content Notes: Sexual content
Author's Notes: i had a bit of trouble with your prompt but i hope this meets it hhuehuehu


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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] crobat
Title: Wintry Dragon Heart
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] ismichi
Rating: G
Verse: Gen 5
Characters/Pairings: Dragon Heart Shipping (Iris/Benga)
Summary: Iris and Benga find themselves in the snow-covered White Forest. Benga's not too well-dressed for the cold.
Content Notes: AllSaints fashion-donning teens (aged 16-18). Iris in Hide Monument Coat, Benga in Frayne Gilet jacket.


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Recipient: [personal profile] abarero
Title: Christmas Kisses
Artist: Anonymous
Rating: G
Verse: Game, Black/White Verse
Characters/Pairings: White, N
Summary: Kiss it better.
Content Notes: None


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Recipient: [personal profile] chocolateowls
Title: summer snow
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kingdra / [tumblr.com profile] wintergrin
Rating: PG
Verse: games, takes place in Kalos
Characters/Pairings: Wikstrom/Dawn, also with Malva, Drasna, and Siebold
Summary: Wikstrom is startlingly taken by this new challenger.
Content Notes: There is a lot of overdramatic and slightly embarrassingly cheesy narration and I blame that entirely on Wikstrom's point of view. Fluffy. Also I kind of love the E4 dynamics. I hope you like this, Dreamwidth user chocolateowls :)

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Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] kingdra
Title: Spring Will Come, In Time
Author: [fanfiction.net profile] fugthimble / [archiveofourown.org profile] manhattan
Rating: K+
Verse: Game, Black/White Verse
Characters/Pairings: Black, White, White’s Mom, Cheren, Bianca
Summary: She listens to him talk until the clouds part, until dawn greets them with pale sunshine, until Black’s head droops and leans on her shoulder. — BlackWhite
Content Notes: Vague politics, (underage) drinking

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Recipient: [personal profile] kannaophelia
Title: The Pikachu Protection Crew
Author: [tumblr.com profile] fire-blasts, [archiveofourown.org profile] Fireblasts, [personal profile] curbstompers
Rating: Pretty PG, unless you're offended by a little bit of Dawn/May.
Verse: Set during the Diamond and Pearl series of the anime. References May’s canon appearance in the series, during the Wallace Cup, and takes place pretty much directly after that (with a few minor canon adjustments).
Characters/Pairings: Dawn, May, Officer Jenny, Jessie, James, Meowth, Pikachu. Some Dawn/May friendship-slash-maybe-something-more moments and some brief implied Jenny/Joy.
Summary: Ash has left Dawn and May in charge of Pikachu for a few days, and Team Rocket has doubled their efforts to capture him. The girls enlist Pastoria City’s Officer Jenny to help them catch the crooks.
Content Notes: I was asked for F/F and so F/F there is! It’s not anything over-the-top, nor does it run the plot, but it is there. I was also asked for minimal violence, within the realms of what we’d usually see in a Pokemon battle, so there’s some standard Team Rocket-esque injuries here and there but nothing beyond that.
Word Count: 2650

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] crescendo-blaue

Title: Epic Hat

Author: [personal profile] samuraiter

Rating: All Audiences

Verse: Games – Hoenn

Characters / Pairings: Brendan / Steven

Summary: Brendan has used his new crochet skills to make a hat for Steven.

Content Notes: Fluff. Time has advanced, so the characters are older. Special thanks to The Carjack Show for beta duty.


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