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2012 Holiday Exchange - Masterlist

Previous Masterlists: 2010, 2011.

First of all, a huge thank you to our pinch-hitters [livejournal.com profile] stharridan, [personal profile] quietsnooze, and [personal profile] mercoledi for heroically coming through and making sure that nobody went without holiday cheer! Secondly, thank you so much to everyone who communicated often with us and responded to our e-mails, because we appreciated that more than you know! It really helped this exchange run more smoothly.

Authors and artists have now been revealed! You can cross-post anywhere you like :).

Finally, please leave comments on all these wonderful gifts, especially your own! Anon is on for your convenience if you find openID commenting too annoying. We're sure you remember how hard you worked on your own presents, so please spread a little love to your fellow ficcers and artists as well! We'd be especially happy if you don't forget those fics written for "Everyone"!

And now without further ado, your gifts!!

Listed in alphabetical order by recipient.

Change for the Holidays (PG, Volkner/Flint) for everyone by [personal profile] redwoodalchan (fic)

Gold and Ebony (PG, Dawn and Cynthia) for everyone by [personal profile] caelz (fic)

Lineage (G, Clair+Lance) for everyone by [personal profile] goldfinch (art)

From Another's Hands (PG, Looker/Dawn) for everyone by [livejournal.com profile] kitsuneasika (fic)

Something Better Than in the Middle (G, Silver/mtf!N (Julie)) for [personal profile] axolotl by [personal profile] outstretched (fic)

Two sides of a coin (G, Cresselia/Darkrai) for [personal profile] caelz by [personal profile] quietsnooze (art)

A Reunion (G, Red, Green, Blue) for [livejournal.com profile] digitalized_ by [livejournal.com profile] say_o_kay (art)

Exception (PG-13, Brendan and May, Brendan/Steven Stone) for [personal profile] evapples by [personal profile] spoink (fic)

peppermint (PG, Steven/Wallace) for [personal profile] goldfinch by [personal profile] staccato (fic)

No Replacement (R, Kris/Lyra) for [livejournal.com profile] hamimi_fk by [personal profile] pyroresonance (art)

Breathe (G, May/Wally) for [personal profile] john_egbert by [personal profile] stharridan (fic)

First Light (PG, Cheren/Touya) for [livejournal.com profile] kiirosakura by [personal profile] memorialrainbow (fic)

Green Island Serenade (PG-13, Dawn) for [personal profile] kitsuneasika by [personal profile] kuruk (fic)

Until We Meet Again (PG-13, White, Black, N) for [personal profile] kmchwr by [personal profile] john_egbert (fic)

A Cuddly Surprise (G, Bianca/Iris) for [personal profile] kuruk by [personal profile] quietsnooze (art)

Big Time (PG, Dawn, Barry, Riley, Lucas, etc.) for [personal profile] lilcrickee by [personal profile] sarajayechan (fic)

Communication in the Form of Rain Dance (G, White/N) for [personal profile] memorialrainbow by [livejournal.com profile] digitalized_ (fic)

To stay here, on higher ground (G, Bill/Lanette) for [personal profile] mercoledi by [personal profile] outstretched (fic)

Lilies (G, Janine+Koga) for [personal profile] outstretched by [livejournal.com profile] stharridan (fic)

Seeking Evolution (NC-17, ftm!Red/Green) for [personal profile] pyroresonance by [personal profile] axolotl (fic)

baby, it’s cold outside (PG-13, Dawn/Barry) for [personal profile] redwoodalchan by [personal profile] lilcrickee (fic)

Snow Falling (G, Bianca/Hilda) for [personal profile] sarajayechan by [personal profile] hamimi_fk (art)

Your Highness, My Princess (G, Touko/Touya) for [livejournal.com profile] say_o_kay by [personal profile] kmchwr (art)

Versus Nurture (PG-13, Giovanni, Madame Boss, Silver) for [livejournal.com profile] stharridan by [personal profile] mercoledi (fic)

Fifth Month Rain (PG, Silver/Hibiki) for [personal profile] staccato by [personal profile] kiirosakura (fic)

Explorers (PG, May and Brendan) for [personal profile] spoink by [personal profile] evapples (art)

You Can Still Go Home If You Want To (G, Bianca+her father) for [personal profile] quietsnooze by [personal profile] mercoledi (fic)