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"Searching the Stones in Znowfall" for Fluffybun

Recipient: [personal profile] fluffybun ([DELIVERY TO fluffybun] THIS SIDE UP)
Title: Searching the Stones in Znowfall
Author: Ashkoiy/[tumblr.com profile] ashcoforever. Hiya!
Rating: About PG-13
Verse: Pokemon X and Y/Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire! However it does take place in the Kalos Region
Characters/Pairings: Serena/Calem, Shauna/Calen(?), Tierno, Trevor and Grace (Serena's Mother).
Summary: True friendships are going to have a rough time, but what happens when both friends go after the same prize that only one of them can have? Serena, finally seeing a spot where she can be equal to Calem goes for it at all cost, but of course it can’t be smooth as one of the biggest challenges she must face isn’t the trail she must go through but her best friend. With her goal in sight Serena heads off with one main goal in sight: Prove herself to Calem and tell him how she truly feels. However, achieving it is a whole other story, and just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it in the end.

A flash from the sun brought a fresh summer breeze through the air of Kalos as 5 newly found Pokémon trainers stood side by side, walking down a new path and ready to go off and face adventure head on! However, as they all walked a slight disruption existed between a select few of them, and though it was very minor its future of what it would grow into was yet to be seen, to bloom into a beautiful piece of nature or wither away in the wind


“Welcome to the group Cale!” a hyper toned girl cheered as she grabbed onto the males arm, dragging him into a one sided hug, he stammered back being caught off “Heh-he! Thanks Shauna! But didn’t you just welcome me a couple seconds ago?” the bubbly girl dragged Calem closer, causing him to nearly trip over from the way he was forced to walk “Yeah! But that one the more the merrier!” the girl giggled as the laughing soon caught onto Calem and they both started to laugh


 not too far back Terino and Trevor followed after them, faintly watching the two as the two in front of them as they traveled down the route, the bigger of the two adoring their relationship and the smaller observing it ever so slightly, from the pep in their step to the cheeriness of their laughs. The group continued to walk step after step, crunching the dirt behind them, however one of them had softer steps, a lighter tread as their shoes molded to every piece of dirt and their eyes met the skies, they seemed to be in infinite bliss but still with the worry of something on their minds…


“He’s almost like the other two, but… something about him… I don’t get it…” it was Serena, she wandered in her thoughts as she dragged behind the rest of the group, thinking about the new member of their squad “He’s nice, like so many other people I’ve met…” the bubbly girl ran back up to her friend giddily, her hands behind her as she skipped over to Serena “Hey, Serena!” “So why it is that he just seems so…” she called out to her, but it didn’t through to her “Serena? Hello?” Shauna, noticing the expression on her friends face puffed her cheeks “Different- OOOWW!!” Serena squirmed to the side, she felt a pulse of tweezed skin at her side, looking over to notice Shauna, obviously irritated


“What was that for!?!” Serena asked upset, Shauna on the other hand looking disappointed “You didn’t hear a single thing I was saying, did you?” Serena expression flinched for a second “No! I just had something on my mind…” Shauna tilted her head curiously “Hm? You did look like you were thinking, what was it about?” Serena faintly flushed, there wasn’t a way for her to word herself without sounding like a creep, or the more likely, that she was dreaming over him “N-Nothing, just forget about it.” She stood back up and looked forward again, Shauna finally glad she had her attention


“Well, annnyways! I think I’m gonna go for it!” Serena raised an eyebrow at her “Hm? Go for what?” the smaller girl pointed ahead, between both Tierno and Trevor “I think I’m gonna go for Calem!” the two were far enough away from the others that they couldn’t hear, which in Serena’s case was nearly broken by the volume of her voice “What!?!” her posture shattered towards Shauna, Serena falling back as she realized that she freaked out, not even sure of why she cared. The younger girl didn’t seemed to be fazed at all “Yup! He’s just… sweet, you know? Even if it’s only been an hour or so I just really like hanging around him!” Shauna held in her giggle her hand, also blocking the reddening in her face “You understand what I mean, right Serena?” Serena kept walking, still wondering why she was so concerned, she hadn’t even figured out Calem yet but yet she didn’t want to let him go, even to her own friend “Well… yes. I do… but-“ Shauna did a small victory jump, whispering yes under her voice as “Okay then! There no time like the present!” then she dashed off towards him, Serena watched her as with each step she felt something inside her crack “… no.” she couldn’t sit still, she couldn’t just let it happen


“Huh? Serena?! Wai- let go of mhhhmmm!” Serena had grabbed Shauna, pleading in her mind for Shauna not to bit her hand when she cupped her mouth, instantly catching all of their friend’s attention “Sorry, guys! Don’t mind me! I just need to get this girls head in the right place…” Serena dragged out her excuse long enough to get Shauna all the way back behind everyone. Tierno looked over at Trevor “What do ya was that all about?” he scratched his head slightly, looking back at the two, then back to Trevor “I can only assume it’s a female thing.” Trevor said with his arms folded, letting out a stressful sigh


“Serena! Why’d you do that?!” Shauna pouted at Serena while Serena tried to wrack together a reason in her mind. Instead of just coming up with something random she stayed true to what she had told herself and shared it with Shauna “Shauna, I understand that you may like Calem but I don’t want you to go out and get yourself into something without understanding who you’re dealing with. If you give it some time then you’ll be able to see who Calem is, see if you really like him, hey! You may end up liking him even more!” Serena looked up at Calem, all the way in front of the pack “But you should give it some time, you don’t just go blind into a straight on relationship, you’ll crash before you even take off! So just make sure you know who and what you’re going after before you go all out…?” Serena smiled at her “You’ll be happier that way” Shauna seemed to lose a spark to her excitement but nodded “Yeah… your probably right” she chuckled faintly “Thanks for looking out for me, Serena.” She held her first out, a first bump, only Shauna would ask for a fist bump after something like that. Serena stared at her friend’s fist for a while, she had told her side to Shauna but only out of the selfishness of her own desire, a desire she didn’t know why she fueling, she didn’t deserve the assurance of her friend but for the better of Shauna she gave her what she asked for “Y-yeah! Anytime Shauna! After all-” On contact guilt ran through her body, she had a fractured smile

“What are friends for?”



“… It’s been so long since the beginning of all this” Serena sat in the Pokémon center atop the Victory Road, reflecting back on simpler days, when they were all just starting their adventure… and look at them now, Her and Calem, champions, rivals! And after all the time they had together she finally understood what Calem meant to her, there was no denying that she had a crush on him. Even if the selfish guilt of her past kept stabbing at her she couldn’t change mind, she couldn’t help the fact that she liked him and it was a feeling that only welled in her as time went on. Looking outside the Pokémon center she saw the white flakes rain down from the sky in a flurry, it was a heavy winter in Kalos, like how many others had been before, but today would be different. Serena got up and headed into the changing room, the group had decided go on a hunt today, one through Terminus Cave. They would normally have plans but the weather was so bad that nearly every arrangement in Kalos had been cancelled, and with theirs being cancelled so close to the holidays the decided to still hang out together but shift their plans to something more exciting, and so came the stories Terminus Cave. The cave was Originally used as a mineshaft but after reports of unnatural energy and abnormal sounds started to become more apparently in its recent days people left it to be more of a relic or abandon grounds, either way it was said to house riches, one being a mega stone that not even professor sycamore had heard of, Altarianite, a mega stone for Altaria. While Serena knew she didn’t need it to keep her place as a Champion she knew that with it her and Altaria could become stronger, and the stronger that she could become the more that the bond of Calem and her would increase! Being the best of the best was always Calem’s goal, and Serena’s as well! To be the strongest of the strongest, with Pokémon as and partner and not just a tool. So if she could find the supposed Altarianite Serena had no doubt that bond between her and Calem would grow stronger! Or… so she hoped! She had to hope, she had lost so much of herself in him that it wasn’t a question anymore of if she liked him as a friend, or just wanted to be around him, day after day they spent with each other it had evolved into something much more.


Serena walked out of the changing room with a jacket, long sleeved shirt and a cozy hat on her head to top it all off, quickly after adjusting them her Holo Caster started to ring, she quickly picked it up without a second thought on who it might be


“Hey Serena!” the voice was too peppy to be who she thought it was, and instead the excited nature she briefly had turned into a lax bitterness “Hey Shauna!” Serena didn’t hate Shauna, she was her best friend after all! But time after time she always saw the two together more then she saw them separate, Calem and Shauna that is. She couldn’t be their each time to drag her away all the time, it almost seemed as if Shauna was dragging Calem away instead. It caused a fracture in their relationship, at least through Serena’s eyes, adding that along with the guilt that still lingered in her and while Shauna couldn’t see it her relationship with Serena was falling to shambles. The worst part of it all is that there was nothing right about it, and that feeling is what killed Serena on the inside “Are you about to fly on down to Terminus? We’re waiting on you and Tierno!” Serena nodded “Yeah! I just wanted to get changed real quickly! Imagine getting stuck in a cave when it’s a near blizzard in Kalos!” Shauna giggled “Yeah! I’m wearing layers on my layers!” the two laughed a bit “-Be careful Shauna, you’re getting a lot of snow on your Holo Caster” Serena nearly froze at the voice, it was Calem, and considering that she heard him it meant he was right next to Shauna “Alrighty!” Shauna turned to her right then back down at her Holo Caster “I’ll see you in a bit, Sreen!” then she hung up. Serena stared down at the Holo caster, her eyes dimming “…Seeya.” She placed her Holo Caster back in her bag. Walking up to nurse joy she received her Pokémon back “Thank you!” Serena put them back as nurse joy nodded to her, her small nurses cap was replaced with a pink and white stocking cap “We hope to see you again!” she waved her hand softly at Serena “And happy holidays!” Serena waved back as she made her way out into the cold, the snow sticking to her in an instant

“… Hm.” She had been training. Today would be the day where she would stand next to him. “Come on out” Serena threw her Pokeball as a cloudy winged figure erupted from the red beam of light, before her stood an Altaria “Hey girl!” she pet the dragon as it softly cooed to its trainer in pleasure “Do you think you could fly me somewhere, I know the weather isn’t the best” the Pokémon stared deep into the sky, then without hesitation spread its wings and lowered its back towards its trainer “Thanks!” Serena carefully climbed on top of the dragon “Today were going to get stronger.” jumping off the cliff side the Altaria glided in the breeze, then in a rush its wings flapped as the two began to soar though the air “I can promise you that!”


It took only a few minutes for Serena and Altaria to fly to their destination, as she closed in to the cave she noticed the group of them standing there, Trevor staring, Tierno pointing, Shauna waving and Calem giving her a welcoming  salute. Tierno must have beat her there but it didn’t bother her much, making room to land Altaria swooped by as she dropped Serena off on the ground, then in a roundabout flew back into its Pokeball “Whew… Hey guys!” Serena placed her hands on her hips, leaning slightly forward as she stared taking in large gasp of air, the altitude she had been flying at and the denseness of the dry air didn’t mix well “Hey, Serena!” that was the voice she wanted to hear, looking over she noticed a boy in a jacket smiling at her, a smile only Calem could have “Serenaaa!!!” the moment was short lived as Shauna tackled into Serena, not seeing it coming the both of them to collapse into the snow “Jeez, Shauna!” Serena smiled at her friend, but felt something repel her from Shauna as well, the mix of the two it made her sick. “Sorry Sreen! I just haven’t seen you face to face since the last time we battled! Before you and Calem went off to go take on the league!” Serena blinked, was she joking? Had it been that long? “Wow, it’s… been that long?” Shauna nodded “Yup!” Shauna hugged tighter “That’s why I’m so glad to see you!” the moment lasted for only a couple seconds longer, Shauna got up and helped her friend up as well, the two of them dusting the snow off each other “Are you two done with your greetings so we can get a move on? I don’t think I have to remind you what day it is…” Trevor walked up beside the two of them “I for one don’t plan to be wandering aimlessly in a cave for the rest of the day” Tierno following behind him “Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning… and then fell off it.” Tierno mocked him “Hey! I don’t want to stand out here and freeze to death! What do I look like? A Glaceon?” Tierno scratched at his chin “Nah! I just thought your hot headedness would keep you warm!” before Trevor exploded from the insult Calem walked up to the group and laughed at the bunch of them “Come on guys! Let’s just get inside before we actually do freeze!” Trevor grunted at Tierno, insulting him under his voice “Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re joking or if you’re just that stupid…” Shauna and Serena happily followed after Calem, Serena floating a little father with each stride

“So, I did I small bit of research after we decided to come here” Trevor said as he looked at his Phone “Terminus cave, as I’m sure you all know it is a Mineshaft… that still seems to be active? But the deeper down you go the less active it becomes until it says that there is a completely un touched part of the cave that people haven’t been to…” he read the final passage with a questioning look “Never? Huh…” Calem pondered on it “Well, maybe that would explain it…” Tierno looked at Calem “Explain what, Cal?” Calem around towards to him “Well, this cave is littered with secrets, some of the biggest being treasure while others are even rarer than that…” Tierno was still confused “Huh, like what?” Trevor joined the two “If the rumors are correct, Mega Stones.” Tierno’s face lit up as Calem nodded “Correct! But these aren’t just any Mega Stones, some of them aren’t even heard of around this region, or possibly even the world for that matter!” Tierno’s mind seemed to be blown, he was speechless and getting more pumped by the second “However, let’s not forget the big reason why we’re here.” Tierno seemed to come to a near halt at Trevor’s words “Something is going on in these mines, and it doesn’t take a Pokémon Professor or master to figure that out, you can just feel it radiating from wall to wall” Calem followed up after Trevor, Shauna bounced up to Calem, she was the only one in the group who hadn’t actually worn a hat and instead wore a hoodie, along with Serena the two wore leggings instead of changing into longer pants, they may not have been as warming but they were able to move much faster than the guys “So were hoping to find the source of the energy, right?” Calem nodded at Shauna “And hopefully see if the Rumors of this place are true. Who knows, maybe the two…” Calem didn’t finish as he seemed too captivated by thinking once again “Hm? Calem?” Trevor turned to him in question “Huh? Oh, never mind me, something just caught my mind…” Serena walked up on Trevor’s side, taking the lead in front of all of them “So, even if we do locate this source, what do we do with it?” Calem broke his thoughts to reply “Well, hopefully we can stop it. The energy has been measured from a distance, it was said to not be dangerous but as for linking it together with anything, even Pokémon it’s had been very dismissive…” Serena looked around the cave, it slowly opened up around them as they went through rocky cutouts into different rooms and caverns “The only reports on relation were pulse like attacks, correct? Meaning that this is just pure energy?” Calem looked over to Trevor, he seemed to be thinking to himself as well, Tierno nudging him to get his attention “Huh- oh, Yes, it’s the only confirmed link we have, it’s not nearly enough to do anything with though” Serena seemed content with the answer and continued on “I’m just glad we get to go on another adventure again!” everyone shifted and looked over at Shauna, what she said was out of place but relieved the growing tension “It’s been nearly forever…” Trevor said, putting down his phone. The group had mostly split up after Calem and Serena had gone to take on the Pokémon league, everyone had their own passion or route to follow on, so while Serena and Calem were on the road to becoming champions the others went on their own victory roads “I can’t lie either…” Serena stayed forward “I really miss those days” she turned back to look at all her friends “You got that right.” Calem said as he nuzzled Shauna’s hair with his fist “So C’mon! Let’s make this one just as memorable! Who said our travels ever ended?” Tierno pumped power though his words as the boomed though the cave, echoing back at the group, everyone seemed to spark to life more than they had before “Wha’dya say guys?” everyone stuck their hands into the air “Let’s do this!” they cheered all at the same time, picking up in speed the group carried on, all but Trevor who had gone back to his phone, he carefully read off of  it, line for line “A untouched part of the cave… that supposedly holds Mega Stones and multiple other riches…” he covered his mouth as he read “Yet, it’s still uninhabited…” noticing that Trevor was getting left behind Tierno called out to him “Trevor! Pick up the pace!” Trevor looked up and noticed his distance, scurrying along he started to catch up


The paths of the cave winded back and forth, luckily conversation and catching up with old topics and news filled in the time quite quickly, the cave was filled with Pokémon just waiting to strike, but at the same time surprisingly filled with trainers training in the caves with their Pokémon, however the deeper they went the less people they saw and soon they found themselves at a fork in paths, alone “Uh oh…” Tierno said as the group walked up to the two different directions “To be completely honest, I’m shocked we haven’t encountered this problem in any previous part of the cave” Trevor said as he took a closer look at the two paths “… So now what?” Shauna said joining in on the wonder “Well, were going to have to go to both parts either way we put it, so how about we split up into two groups?” Calem walked up in the middle of the two paths “I’ll go with Calem.” Serena said as she swiftly ran up to his side “Me toooo!” Shauna skipped over to Calem as well “Wait, maybe we should think this though a bit more” Trevor walked up to Calem pointing at his Phone “I’m not opposed to your idea bu-“Trevor was cut off, a large rupture was sent though the cave, causing the rocks to jitter on the ground and the whole foundation to uproar in energy “…” the group was silent, not even breathing could be heard “What… what was that?!” Shauna said, looking around the area “I don’t know, but I do know where it came from” Calem looked over at his path, the rocky pathway leading into the back “This is what I was talking about Calem!” Trevor’s hands flung as he expressed his emotions “This energy isn’t natural! And it looks as if this isn’t just a recent happening, in this same cave this has happened before! I did some more researching and I think we missed something else-“ another wave came through the cave, this one more fierce than the last, the rocks from not only the ground but the ceiling jittered until it couldn’t jitter anymore and the shard came crashing down and shattered upon impact with the ground ”Woah, that was too close!” Tierno said, it had dropped straight between Calem and Tierno, the shatter pieces littered before them “As you can see Calem, this place is dangerous, and I can guarantee that if you go any further it’s going to get even worse” just as Trevor finished another fell in between the two again, the two flinched back from each other, then another fell and another after that, then came the another pulse. “Shauna! Watch out!” Serena grabbed Shauna and snatched her out of the way as a giant rock came tumbling down on her previous location, the cave was couldn’t take it anymore, it wave caving in “Trevor!” Calem screamed as the sound of destruction and energy grew louder, then a large chunk of the wall came rushing down between them, cutting both of them off from any further communication “Calem! The place is coming down!” Calem’s hands turned to fist as his mind rushed through Idea’s, Serena however was on maximum awareness “Calem! We have to move!” hearing Serena he knew he had to go with his best choice “Gotcha… Trevor! Meet us outside the cave when you’re done on your side!” he didn’t hear a reply, only the crumbles of the deteriorating walls around them. Calem beat at the wall, giving off one last call “Trevor!” a rock caught Serena’s eye as it landed next to Calem “Calem!” he sucked his teeth he ran into his side, another pulse flying through sent the small closed off area into pure darkness as it all collapsed into nothing more but stone, rocks and rubble.


Calem stared back out at the blocked pathway, kicking the small rocks that had fallen though the crack “Trevor…” he tipped his hat “I hope you got my message…” the three were silent as the faint rumbles of small stone died out from the other side “He got it.” Calem turned around to Shauna, she was still being held by Serena, she had locked up to lock up after seeing the rock that nearly crush her “Huh?  How do you know?” Shauna showed him her Holo Caster “I sent him a local message of what you were saying before all the rocks collapsed, it got through but…” Shauna opened up her signals “The only Casters I have connections with now is Sreen’s and yours” Calem stared at her, she seemed calmed down but still had the look of shock in her “… Thanks.” He softly smiled at her, then looked over at Serena “Thank both of you, I’m sure those rocks would have had me beat out of luck if you two hadn’t been their” even after all the danger they had faced, Calem laughed as if they had just had the time of their life’s… and in all honestly in more than one way they did. The two girls looked at each other then back at Calem, Shauna seemed to flake her shell of instantly at his laugh, standing back up and seeming as determined as ever, Serena on the other hand just gazed at him “This… this is what makes you different, Calem” she thought in her mind, then smiled, and walked up with the other two “So, we’ve come this far, you two ready to move on?” Calem said staring into the cave “Well, it’s not like were gonna turn back now” Serena said walking up next to him “You got that right!” Shauna jumped up on the other side of Calem “Then let’s end this-“a sudden brush of energy pushed them all back a slight bit “… And figure out the source of all this destruction” then the trio started to head deeper down the path and hopefully closer to the key they were searching for.

“Trevor, when you guys finish on your side meet use back outside the cave. Best of luck to you!” –Shauna 3:52 PM Trevor stared at the screen of his Holo Caster with Tierno “No connection, the cave in must be blocking the signals.” Trevor folded it back up and put his Caster back into his back pack “So now what, Trev?” Tierno said standing next to him “Well, we continue down the path and see if we can find anything, let it be mega stones or the soul of all that energy” he stood up, looking down the path but didn’t move and inch, instead he turned around and look back from where they came, Tierno stared at him “What’s wrong?” Tierno kept staring at the blocked path, then sighed “I don’t know how I could be so stupid, the sign. I completely forgot about the sign…” Tierno questioned what he was talking about once again “Sign?” Trevor took out his Phone and surfed though his pictures “It was most likely covered in snow, we shouldn’t have followed that report from earlier, either they didn’t know what they were talking about or it was old. The actual sign outside the cave reads as this: Terminus Cave is an old mining cave off of Route 18. It used to have a coal mine located within it, but was evacuated when rumors of a powerful monster appeared…” Tierno’s mind instantly cleared as the realization stuck him “If that… monster is a Pokémon, and it’s that’s powerful enough to collapse a whole part of a cave through just plain energy…” Trevor clutched his Phone “Then I’m afraid that Calem, Serena and Shauna might be bargaining for more than they can chew.”


Shauna, Serena and Calem continued to travel onward, the darkness making it harder to see where they were going but still able to find their way through the shadows “Serena, why not use Delphox to light the way?” Shauna asked Serena, it was a pretty good Idea and she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thought of it earlier “That’s actually a pretty good Idea, Shauna!” taking her Pokeball out Serena threw the orb into the air as a brief flash of red light enveloped the area “Here! Greninja can help scout out for Pokémon!” Shauna threw her Pokeball out as well, revealing a much shorter and thinner figure the Serena’s “Well, I guess you all will need a shield, come on out bud!” and for the last one Calem threw out his Pokeball, summoning a figure larger than either of the previous two. Serena smiled “Thanks guys, hey, delly!” the Delphox turned to its trainer “Can you light a way for us?” the Pokémon nodded and lit a flame on the stick it held, lighting up the area around them all “Nice job, Del! Now let’s get moving!” But none of the Pokémon moved, they all just looked back and forth at each other, looking up and down at one another from back to back “…Guys?” Calem laughed softly “Look at them.” He put his hand on his side “Looking at each other, and seeing how far all of them have come.” Then, moving that hand up he scratched the back of his head “From what they use to be to what they are now it’s been a journey for them… for all of us” the Pokémon seemed to laugh among each other in their own tongue and then started to walk forward as they had been asked “But even though they changed, they still know who they are, who they were and who helped them get there” This time Serena took the spot of Calem in the response “And no matter how little or how big they helped each other that’s what let them become what they are today! Though hardships and friendships they saw it through to the bitter end!” Shauna cheered the last part out, both Calem and Serena were equally surprised at her response, however the ambiance quickly took over as the trio felt the tension between them growing as well, it was uplifting


Flinching back Shauna’s Greninja jumped back at a sudden force of energy, the waves were back, it prickled at the Pokémon and jabbed at the rest of the Trio “It seems even stronger than last time-“ Calem said as he was thrown off his feet “Calem!” Shauna and Serena both ran up to him, helping him up “Now you can actually feel it brushing by you!” he said as he planted his foot down in a sturdier position Serena stared forward, into the darkness ahead “And it’s strong~” Shauna tried her best to keep her ground. After they helped Calem up the group tried their hardest to continue forward, the force pushed against everything, the cave began to rumble again and soon small shards began to break, but even with their will power eventually the force was too strong and they couldn’t push forward any farther “We can’t make any progress!” Calem dashed off the ground as hard as he could, but as the next wave came it threw him all the way back to where he started “It must be getting stronger and stronger because were so close to the source!” Serena just tried to keep her position, she wanted to use the walls as leverage but they were too wet to grip and too fragile to hold “Come on! We’re almost there! We can’t stop now!” Shauna chanted from the back, Serena stared of at Shauna, through the small trip that they had taken in these mines she noticed how the bitterness that she had for Shauna faded away, they were friends… and even in the situation that she faced with her they were still friends to the bitter end, the way it was meant to be “… Delphox!” Serena’s Pokémon fell back to her, the two of them carefully made their way over to Shauna “Shauna, I have a plan!” the younger girl broke out of a daze she seemed to be in “-oh, huh?” Shauna looked towards her friend, Serena took out a Pokeball while staring in the darkness straight ahead “If I can get Altaria in here then she can fly you two to wherever the end of this tunnel leads!” Shauna looked at the Pokeball, then shook her head and looked back up at Serena “Wait, what about you?” Serena didn’t say anything “… Altaria can only hold two people at a time, she’s a fantastic flyer but her wings are too fragile to carry all of us and maintain flight against something this powerful!” Shauna shook her head more fiercely than the last “But still, what about you?! Why not you and Calem?!?” Serena felt something in her heart faint, it felt empty, but in that empty spot nothingness started to burn back to life “Because, it’s like you said! Though hardships and friendships, I plan to see this through to the very end, even if I can be there with you guys to see it with my own two eyes this will be enough for me!” the flame in her heat burned a smile onto her face “Even if I have to give up something that I’ve been fighting for all this time… it’ll all be worth it” Shauna watched Serena talk, each word meaning more than the last “Because that what friends are for.” Shauna just stared back at her, emotions not able to be identified


The loud sound of cries and calls sounded from behind the trio, soon followed by a slight quaking of the ground, then everything shook even more as the cries came rushing down the hall “Uh oh” Calem said under his breath “We have to push as hard as we can guys!” Calem called out to the other two as he tried his hardest to move forward and keep the ground he had gained, Serena held her Pokeball up ready to pop it until she felt something wrap around her “Sh-Shauna?!” Serena said as Shauna pulled her into a hug, it was nowhere near the best timing for an event like hugging “Thanks, Serena...” Then letting go Shauna took the Pokeball from Serena’s hand and put it back down into the bad Serena took it from “Wait! Shauna! What are you doing?” Shauna smiled, signaling Greninja to fall back with her as the two turned around, running with the wave instead of against it “Okay guys, lets show this place what we’ve got!” 3 Pokeballs took to the air as Shauna finally came to a halt, she had travelled back far enough that she could keep her own ground with ease. From the Pokeballs emerged Shauna’s Team: Delcatty, Goodra, Sylveon and of course Greninja. The horde of Pokémon started to approach Shauna closer, she could feel nearly every movement “Mhphm! Delcatty! Sylveon! Stop any Pokémon that try to come this way!” the Pokémon ran forward on defense, the Sylveon releasing its Misty Terrain, the room around them started to glow a softer color as Delcatty  wasted no time and ran in for a Play Rough “Their set! Okay, Goodra and Greninja!” the Pokémon locked onto their trainer as she turned back around “This isn’t going to be easy, but together we can make it work! Greninja use Water Shuriken, but charge it up as much as you can!” Shauna’s Greninja spent no time making multiple, they fused together as the water pulsed though it’s webbed hands as powerful as a Hydro Pump “And Goodra, I need you to do the same but with a Dragon pulse, charge it up to be the most powerful Dragon Pulse you can make it! The only catch being to try not to make its attack as powerful…” Goodra gave a worried look to Shauna “Don’t worry, I know you can do it! Just give it everything you’ve got! Without giving it everything you’ve got… Easier said than done?”


Calem stared back “What is Shauna doing?!” Serena was just as curious “I… don’t know” she had been staring back with him, Serena finally wanted to make up for all the ways she did Shauna wrong, even without her knowing, but Shauna had another idea “Hey! Guys!” Shauna’s voice faintly called out “I need you two to get as close as you guys can into the center of the cave, make sure your Pokémon are back in their balls!” confused but obeying Calem called back Chesnaught and centered himself, Serena doing the same with Delphox “Okay, now stay there!” hearing a cry from the back Shauna turned around to see Delcatty thrown on the ground, it cried on impact but swiftly got back up and ran head on back into battle “…” Shauna’s smiled in realization “It looks like we’ve only got one shot at this… You ready?” both Pokémon nodded their heads, all their minds in sync “Alrighty! Go, Greninja!” Greninja ran down the middle of the cave, quickly catching up to Serena and Calem and stopping next to them “Now! Greninja! Use double team!” out of thin air two thin figure’s appeared, both grabbing onto the original Greninja’s shoulders as the original turned around and the clones carried and ran for him “Now Calem! Serena! Grab the other’s Greninja’s hands!” both were quick to grab but doubtful, double team was an illusion based move but to their surprise when they grabbed onto the fakes their hands didn’t just slip though “That’s it! Make sure you hold on tight” she shouted to her friends “Now it’s up to you two! Greninja! Use your water shuriken as a shield! And Goodra! Use your Dragon Pulse to push Greninja all the way to exit Give it all you’ve got!” Serena and Calem shot a look at each other, both poke were ready “On the count of three! One!” a wave ran though, causing the copied Greninja’s stance to shift, they fell back slightly but still pressed on “Two!” Delcatty fell in battle once again, However as it stammered back up Sylveon walked out in front of it, gracefully walking out to take its place without a second thought “… THREE!” Shauna shouted out deep into the cave, a fusion of colors collected from Goodra’s mouth and shot at blinding speed towards Greninja “BLOCK IT!” Greninja swung the Shuriken around, putting its arms out to hold it together, on contact it held up and slowly but surely they started advancing against the wave of energy “Keep it up!” Goodra kept its beam up but the water used to block the attack was quickly vanishing, Shauna worry caught her “Don’t give in yet, Greninja! We have to keep pushing!” the shrinkage seemed to slow down. In a boost of power the waves stopped, and then shot out constantly, the pressure against everyone and everything boosted instantly, even pushing Shauna back from her previously stable spot. The Greninja clones started losing their ground as the energy flowed in like a constant wave at the ocean, they were losing ground quickly and time was running shot. Looking ahead Calem noticed something slipping away slowly “I can see the next room…” Serena’ looked forward after hearing him and noticed the exit as well “Do you think we can make it?” Calem looked over at Serena “That’s not up to us anymore…” Serena at first didn’t understand, but then she realized who was really in control of the situation “Sylv…“ Sylveon feel down to Shauna’s feet, the defense was gone and the horde was emerging “This is it, Goodra, it’s now or never” Shauna hugged Goodra, its concentration didn’t shift, neither did Shauna’s as she felt herself slightly sink into her Pokémon “Greninja. Give it all you’ve got, okay?” with focus at its limit the Greninja slowly nodded, its Shuriken didn’t quake an inch “Thanks. Now…” Shauna stood back up from hugging Goodra “LETS FINISH THIS!” Shauna raised a fist into the air as her Pokémon reached their breaking point, Goodra’s beam exploded into a flurry of shots, the colors clashing in a blinding force as the Water Shuriken and Dragon Pulse nearly become one, in less than a second Calem, Serena and Greninja boosted straight though the wave and dashed into the next room, when inside the wave stopped expelling all together. The three slid to the ground with no opposing force “Serena, you okay?” Calem asked, as he ran over to her, leaning down she nodded back at him “Yeah, I’m fine… what about- Shauna.” Serena’s eyes grew as her and Calem dashed back to the doorway leading out. Faintly down the hall stood the figure of a girl, she faintly waved, weak, then one last wave shook ran through, slamming Calem and Serena to the wall, the hallway instead collapsed like earlier and soon their view of her was collapsed by stone “No! Shauna!” Serena grabbed at the wall and called out through it, thinking and hoping though she knew that there was nothing she was would be able to do. After a couple seconds Serena felt something buzz in her bag, she quickly opened it and took out the item, it was her Holo Caster, she had a message

 It was from Shauna.


You’re right Serena, that’s what friends are for… He’s all yours girl! Just make sure to finish what we started! Seeya guys –Shauna


the time didn’t finish loading but Serena didn’t care, She had done so much to Shauna… and this was not the way to pay her back, not to leave her abandon against a horde of Pokémon

“Don’t worry, Serena” the sound of wood falling over caught Serena off guard, she turned around to see a log of wood on the ground “Wha- what? What is something like this doing underground?” Calem laughed “It’s a Greninja’s Signature. It’s not exactly used in a situation where a Greninja would need to move faster than it already does but to get to Shauna in a time where she needs her most I guess anything’s acceptable” Calem looked back at the rocks “As long as Shauna has her Pokémon by her side she’ll be okay.” He bowed his head “I’m sure of it” Serena turned to look at Calem, he trusted in his friends and their Pokémon and Calem knew that only with that bond could both parties reach their maximum potential. Serena still wasn’t fully sure why Shauna did what she did, but something told her that Shauna knew what she was doing better than whatever she had planned on trying. The two finally turned around and looked at the room they were in, it was a small circle without a single trace of any source of life “So this is the room where the Energy was coming from” Calem said as he walked around the space, nothing caught his eye as out of place or abnormal. Serena read over Shauna’s message one more time, then put the Caster back away “Hey, Calem.” Serena walked up by his side “Hm? Yes Serena?” she couldn’t make direct eye contact with him, and though this wasn’t the best time they were at least alone “I… just wanted to know something” her hands played with each other as she twiddled her fingers behind her back, Calem stared at her, confused “Well…” his gaze then changed to the room around him, they were kinda stuck “We’ve got time, and it doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere” Calem then turned back to her “So feel free to ask away, Serena” Serena looked up at him, the room was too dark so that her face couldn’t be seen and she was glad it was that way. Just being close to Calem let the rest of her come together, even with the pain of being afraid of what he might say she felt like it wouldn’t matter at all, as long as she had Calem by her side then it would be okay enough for her “I… I-“Serena felt as if her heart had shattered, but it wasn’t her heart, it was the ground. In small cracks the ground under them started to spew green lights form the seams, everything around them started to shatter as they were soon left with nothing but air under her feet “Hold on tight!” Calm grabbed Serena, holding her into his body as the two fell into the lime light and ground that shattered from under them.


Everything was dark for a while until Serena blinked her eyes open, the dust had settled and she was okay, looking down she noticed Calem under her, he had taken the impact “Calem!” hearing his name he shot up “Yeah? Yea- ah!!” he picked a small rock out of his neck “That… was crazy. Are you alright, Serena?” she couldn’t hold back anymore, her eyes were at the brim of tears, Serena threw her arms around Calem “I’m just glad you’re okay” Calem started to hug her back, but his arms fell before her could “…” Serena felt him start to get up as she rose with him “C-Calem?” her voice was partially shaky as she watched his face, his eyes were open with shock as her stared straight ahead “…Serena.” He pointed out in front of him “Look.” A bit doubtful Serena turned around, she saw a large serpentine figure standing only a few meters in front of them, it seemed to be staring them down “I think we found it.” Calem and Serena took out both their Pokedex’s and Pokeballs, ready for a battle, the Pokémon shifted at the sigh “Let’s see what you’ve got!” Calem said aloud as he threw his Pokeball into the air “This is for everyone!” was Serena’s phrase as she threw her own into the air after, Delphox and Chestnaught appeared once more. The Pokémon stared at the two in front of it, started to glow a sharp lime as it released one last wave of energy was released one last time before battle “So it is you.” Calem said



Their Pokedex’s both announced the name of their foe “Zygarde. The Order Pokémon.” Calem jumped off the ruble that he and Serena had landed in, signaling her to follow after as well “Chestnaught, Wood Hammer!” Zygarde dashed at the grass type in blinding speed, its power setting it off balance on impact, however Chestnaught stayed strong and its move was still executed as it followed the dragons tracks “Now!” Chestnaught slammed its arm down on the Zygarde, chunks of dirt went flying left and right as the impact disrupted the ground around them. As the dust cleared no figure appeared in the break “We missed… How? It was right there?!” Calem looked around for the Pokémon, Serena looked around the same, the soft sound of clinking passed by her ears “Huh?!” she looked over to her right, seeing nothing but ruble, but as she kept looking the outline of pentagons formed form thin air in front of her “It’s over here!” she jumped back “Delphox, Fire Blast“ Zygarde looked over at the fire Pokémon as it sent a flare of heat in its direction, this time it was a direct hit “Nice shot!” Serena shouted over to her Pokémon, but the Zygarde wasn’t too pleased by the attack, it dashed after Delphox, slamming its body into it, the Pokémon cried “Delphox!” flying into the wall the Pokémon fell to the ground, Serena jumped up and started to run over to her Pokémon “It barley hurt it…” Serena watched as “Serena?” Calem looked over at her and her Pokémon lying on the ground, the Zygarde stared over at Calem, then back to her “…! Wait!” Calem dash off his feet, Chestnaught following behind his trainer, Zygarde also dashed off at Serena. Calem watched as he raced against the Pokémon, there was no time for a counter attack and he knew it, he had only one option left “Chestnaught! Block Delphox!” the Pokémon was to follow as it was told as Calem ran his hardest to win the race “Delphox!” Serena rocked her Pokémon, its eyes flickered open as it stared straight ahead, the Pokémon quickly raised its stick as it lit and sent out a Extrasensory straight ahead “Huh?! Why-“ Serena looked over to noticed Zygarde slightly stunned by the attack, Chestnaught and Calem then slid into place staring the Zygarde straight down “Serena!” the girl looked up to see Calem in front of her as the sounds of slithering returned, this time fully enraged “Watch out” Chestnaught held its arms in a barricading X while Calem did the same, Zygarde sent a flurry of rocks and sent the ground shaking again, Chestnaught endured the hail of rocks, Calem stood his ground as long as he could until the impact of a rock swept him away.

The disruption of the ground sent Serena and Calem into an even further collapsed potion of the cave, Chestnaught and Delphox cried out to their trainer from on the upper part of the small ravine they sank into, the walls shifting and churning until everything went dark and Calem and Serena hit the ground


The two of them had been thrown apart, Serena rolled around on the ground, and sitting up with a raging headache “Ugh… my head” she rubbed it and sat in the darkness, trying her best to recover from the fall. As she sat her sense of location slowly came back to her, she got up and started to walk around, then her eyes caught a figure in the dark and she nearly collapsed “oh no.” her eyes quivered at the sign of a boy’s body, spread on the ground, unmoving “no. no. No! NO! CALEM!” she ran towards him, throwing her bag to the side before in a dash sliding down next to him “CALEM! PLEASE!” Serena raised his head into her lap, shaking his shoulder as she tried to get any meaning of response from him “CALEM! PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!” her echo shouted back at her but Calem said nothing, he was silent and he was still. Serena let her body fall over his, her hair scattered without any order at all over his chest as the faint tapping of tears littered his shirt, she grabbed harshly onto his shirt “THIS…” her grip grew as she nearly started to lift Calem by nothing but his shirt “This wasn’t how it was supposed to go-” she stopped yelling aloud, tears still burned her eyes as they trickled down her face, Calem wasn’t gone… he was still here. He had to be. “You can’t go! N-not over something stupid like this-!” her grip dug back into her own skin as she shook and quivered softly on top of him, her voice crackling as well “If I would have known that this would have happened, all of this… just for a stupid stone, or to solve a IDIOTIC MYSTERY!” she pausing, toke in a heavy breath of air “…If it would take losing everything along the way just to achieve nothing in the end!” she slowly calmed down, all the adventuring, the stress and now crying made her weak, she slowly but surely had to accept it, Calem wasn’t responding, This was the end. “If I would have known… that this is where the road stops…” she sniffled “I wouldn’t have ever became friends with you, I would have told you all those days ago…” her grasp started to fade and she felt herself let go more and more by the second, until the jacket he had on only laid in her hands and she drifted into sleep with tear and tear after tear “This… is where…. I wouldn’t… let it end.” Serena’s head fell square on Calem’s chest, her eyes shut with liquid tears still sitting on them as the room they two laid in became quieter until the faint drips of the caves even faded away

“… And you wouldn’t believe how much this hurts.” Serena’s eyes shot open at the voice, she looked at Calem, his eyes still closed “I can’t tell you where my body doesn’t feel sore” he laughed. Serena got off of him as her eyes relit with her tears sparkling in its reflection “Sorry I didn’t say anything!” his voice came out raspy  “I came to and you were talking, I didn’t want to cut you off half way!” the tears started to flow harder down Serena’s cheeks as she raised her hands up to her mouth “Ca~ Cal~…” her words jittered between her teeth, Calem looked towards her though the darkness around them had her most of her face in the shadow “Serena? Are yo-“ he felt something wrap around his neck, it was Serena’s arms as she brought her face up next to his, her crying increasing in the comfort of wake “…Serena.” He said softly under his voice. He stretched his hands around and lifted her up, it felt like he was carrying the world on his back but he didn’t care, Serena was happy, he hugged her just as tightly, the two sitting in each other’s embrace for what seemed to go on for an eternity


They finally broke apart, Serena’s eyes still flushed in tears, she just smiled at Calem “I-I thought… it was…” she stuttered as tears broke off from her eyes again, Calem took her hands and gripped them tightly “I know.” He smiled as well “I know” Serena couldn’t stop sniffling, her heart had taken a bit too much today and it was finally time for it to go through the wringer “I- don’t know what I would have done…” she bunched her skirt into her hands “Without you-“ Serena started to cry all over again. Calem watched her, then stared at the ground, he couldn’t just let her sit in misery “Serena.” She flaked of tears with the back of her hand and looked at him, having trouble from holding back more, Calem took her hand catching her off guard and brought the two of them together, laying in one another. Then Calem took in a deep breath


Its okay, it’s okay, even if it was the end

Because I don’t have a doubt I wouldn’t see you again

Even if letters A to Z seem like they could never be

I would say its okay, because I’ll see you again


He began to sing softly since his voice wasn’t in the best condition, he only got through it one time before humming it over and over as he held Serena close to him. Second by second she calmed down more and more in his hold “…” Serena was quiet, resting her head under his as her breathing became shorter and shorter and she finally drifted to sleep on Calem’s chest, Calem stared around in the dark ravine before he too drifted into sleep right along with her


The two woke up together, Serena a bit more before Calem did, she blinked repeatedly as all she saw was mostly black, then remember where she was “Oh, yeah…” she wiped her eyes, feeling the stains of tears on her face “Wait, then that means-“ she turned to Calem, her face full blown red “Ah~ Your up.” Calem said, stretching and sitting up slowly “I think that sleep did us both good, most of the pains gone” the two sat in silence, unable to see eithers face “I’m sorry.” The voice was faint as Calem heard the words and turned to Serena “Huh?” Serena was facing away from Calem, staring into her own side of the ravine “I’m sorry for all of this.” Her voice didn’t crack, it was disturbingly stable “If I would have known that all of this would have ended up happening I wouldn’t have ever thought of anything like this, or I would have done it alone” Calem’s concern grew for Serena for each word she spoke, everything sounded okay but it didn’t seem right “It alright Ser-“ her head snapped left and right as she furiously disagreed “No! It’s not! Everything is wrong! Nothing is alright, Calem!” she pointed to the sealing “Tierno, Trevor and Shauna are stuck up there in the caves, and it’s all because of this dumb idea of a trip!” she turned around to Calem “There is no way that you can say that you can say everything is okay right now. Honestly, there is no way” Calem was silent “I made my problem, to match up to you everyone else’s. Even if they were happy and excited to go and search for Mega Stones it doesn’t matter, I dragged them all into this, even you!” Serena gazed at the ground as she slowly slid her view away from Calem once again “And now were stuck here, possibly for the rest of our lives…” she dropped her head in failure “If I had a choice I’d take it all back, every single one of our friendships. None of them deserved for this to happen to them because of me” the room went quiet for only less than a few seconds before Calem spoke up “Do you really think that would make them happier?” Serena turned her head towards him “To not go through this, yes.” Calem scooted closer to Serena, or what he assumed was her outline “If I had a choice of whether to go on this exploration or to do something more civil today I would choose this. If I had a choice of weather knowing you or not Serena I would choose knowing you. I bet everyone else would to” Serena shook her head to herself “Why would they put themselves in a situation like that, why would you?” Calem laughed, Serena looked over at him as if he had lost it “Because you’re your friends Serena! I understood you were selfless but I didn’t know you were THIS selfless” he kept laughing as Serena stared at him as if he had lost it “If you are willing to let go of your friendships just to save them from this one event in their lives then what is saying that we don’t have that same willpower for each other? None of us came here thinking that this might be the end of our lives! But none of us came here without trust in each other either, that’s why we’re all here!” Serena looked at Calem “But if you didn’t know me you wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t have to go through this!” Calem nodded at her “You’re right! But I would happily go through this again” “Why!?” Serena shouted back at Calem, it echoed through the two of them “Because were friends, and this friendship that we’ve made is something that I would never want to see torn apart, and I know you wouldn’t either, but instead you’re willing to sacrifice yourself out of the group just to maintain our safety” he laughed again “You may be the strongest out of all of us, maybe not how you may see it through the way you’re looking but in your own right you definitely are!” Serena seemed to grasping where Calem was coming form but couldn’t fully accept it, she turned back away and kept thinking in her head, Calem however wasn’t done“… call me insane” Calem turned back to Serena “But I don’t even regret any of this.” Serena snapped back, shocked “W… What?! How could you just say that!?” fury rose in her voice “You could have died, Calem!” Calem nodded “Yeah, this Ravine could have been it for me… but I also wouldn’t want it any other way” he looked up at the very faint light that shined on the both of them “Maybe it’s selfish of me to say this but I’ve really had the time of my life! I was with all of my old friends again, the ones who welcomed me to Kalos and traveled with me through it. Always by my side when I needed them most” he rose his knees “Even on a crazy adventure like this none of us backed out and all of us tried their hardest through the whole thing, not because they were forced but because we all had a goal and together we would reach it!” Serena crawled closer towards him “But if you died here then you wouldn’t be able to have times like ever again!” Calem nodded “I never said I wanted to die… just that that if I did it wouldn’t be all that bad. I just can’t see anything topping one last burst of friendship” Serena felt something graze her hand, she almost snatched it back until she felt it take hold of hers in a soft grip “and in the bitter sad ending of it all being with the one that cares for you the most…” Serena looked over to Calem but his head was turned away “Call me crazy, but I just can’t see anything better than that.” Calem gave a single chuckle, then he felt Serena grab his hand back “Come on…” Calem turned towards her as he felt his arm and hand being pulled up, Serena was smiling again “Let’s get out of here, our friends are waiting” Calem nodded and got up next to her “Now here’s the real question” Calem said as he adjusted his bag and Serena got hers “How?” Serena looked seeing the crack of the Ravine, though it was way too thing to call a Pokémon out in “Well, if we can’t get out of here.” Serena held her hand up “If we never see the daylight again…” it sat on her chest “Then I’m at least glad I’m not here alone” Calem looked at her and laughed “You’re not too optimistic today, now are you?” Serena rolled her eyes “Coming from who? The guy who’s arranging his dream death?! Anyway, this is definitely the time for a phrase like that” Calem brushed his hair back raising an eye brow at her “Not the time, nor the place” Serena shook her head back at him “No! This is definitely the place for it… just…” Serena went silent and the two sat in the Ravines water echoing walls, the mood had been lifted but cut off, Calem dipped his hat “Huh, you want to know something that I still can’t understand?” Serena turned to him “How 3 little words are some of the hardest in the world to say…” Serena eyes winded but the moment was cut off by a loud echoing in the cave “Zzz-dd-aaaaa…” Zygarde had slithered down between the crack and joined the two “…” Serena stared at the Pokémon along with Calem, however they didn’t feel pressured, Zygarde didn’t seem to be enraged any longer. Calem carefully walked over by Serena’s side, making sure not to startle either party “…” the pentagons continued to gleam on its body “Zya.” The Pokémon slithered towards the two and then looked at Serena “Hello?” she said, softly waving at the Pokémon, it continually stared at her then flicked its body around and dug into the wall behind it “… I wonder” Calem said as he watched the Pokémon dig into the wall, suddenly a blue flare came from the hole it had dug into, Zygarde took it and slithered back over to Serena very slowly “Open up your hands to it, Serena.” Serena looked over at Calem, then back at the waiting Zygarde, Serena opened her hands like a nest as she felt a small ball fall into it “Huh?” opening up her hand more she stared at the gem “Is this…” Calem smiled at her “There’s only one way to find out…” Calem looked back over at Zygarde, the Pokémon doing the same for him “I think I understand you now.” once again there was no reply, the Pokémon just stared “Well, I guess I have to say I’m sorry to you… uh?” he took his Pokedex and read the Pokémon’s name “Zygarde… Hm. The Order Pokémon.” Serena put the orb away and walked up to the Pokémon, it turned to her as she placed her hand on its head “Thanks” she started to pet it “Why did you say sorry, Calem?” the Pokémon didn’t move as she did but also wasn’t shooing her away “Well, I guess this Pokémon never exactly meant to hurt us, it was just threated…” Calem scratched the back of his head as he felt a small pit of guilt rise up “Really?” Serena looked back at Zygarde, it still wasn’t moving but not possible to tell if it was enjoying be pet or just enduring it “Yeah, that’s why it didn’t attack us straight of the bat” Calem continued to stare down at his Pokedex “Zygarde…” he observed the name “Garde.” The Pokémon lifted his head at Calem “Zzz-yyyyyyy-aa!” Calem feel back a bit as the Pokémon turned around, beckoning with its head to come closer “I think it wants us to get on it” Serena said as the Pokémon broke apart from her, Calem nodded in agreement and carefully got onto its snake like back, Serena doing the same after him “Now how is this going to-“ Zygarde roared into the air and began to quickly scale the wall, it was a very tight fit but Zygarde was able to make it through the slit of the ravine and make it back to their previous room, the one where Zygarde had resided in. Hearing the movement two figures from their stance, they seemed to be getting materials ready “Huh? Oh! Delphox” Serena called out. Calem was pleased at the sight of his Pokémon as both Pokémon felt the same way for their trainers “Chestnaught!” the Pokémon joined them at the side of Zygarde continued to carry them on its back “Thank goodness you two are okay!” she hugged her Delphox tightly“ We should get you guys back into your Pokeballs, you’re probably tired from earlier” both Pokémon happily agreed as Calem and Serena took out there Pokeballs and the Pokémon returned to their trainer “So, now what?” Zygarde shifted its positing, and started to move again, it shook its scales as its glew lime green and then soared into the ground, excavating a way though, Calem and Serena holding on tight to make sure they wouldn’t be left behind


Finally, after what seemed like it wouldn’t end Zygarde finally hit some sort of surface, digging though the layer it continued to slither up to sturdy land and let the two off “Where are we- wait” Serena looked around the room, the light from the outside shining in “This is the first room… that means!” Serena and Calem dashed outside, Zygarde watched them go, a silent goodbye.

“Guys! Were here!” Serena said as she dashed back outside “… There not here.” Serena opened her eyes, only snow laid in front of her with Calem by her side “Then…” she turned back towards the cave “That’s means…” Calem turned as well “Hey! Cal! Serena!” a voice called back from the outside, both trainers turned around “Were over here!” it was Tierno, he was on the bridge that lead to Anistar city. Calem and Serena ran over to him quickly “Hey Terino, where are the others?!” Tierno pointed behind him with his thumb “There at the Anistar Pokémon center, we went back down your path after some excavating and Shauna, she was in really bad condition when he got to her… C’mon, I’ll explain more at the Pokémon Center” the three scurried over the bridge quickly, an aching rose in Serena’s chest “Shauna…

The group dashed through the doors of the Pokémon center, Serena leading the group of her friends “There you all are.” Serena turned as she heard Trevors voice come from the right side of the Center, she noticed him sitting on the couch with a girl wrapped up in coats laying on the sofa. Serena ran over to them as Trevor gazed back down at Shauna “She’s getting rest, it seemed almost as if Shauna had absolutely not energy left, period. Thank goodness she had her Greninja with her, I don’t wish to know what would have happened if she would have fainted alone in those caves…” Serena looked over at Trevor “She fainted?!” Trevor nodded back “Exactly when we opened up a path back down your route, she smiled at us but straight after completely collapsed. She was getting swarmed by Pokémon but Greninja seemed to be on top of every single one of them. The rest of her team was fainted except for Goodra, but Goodra was dry out of energy as well…” Trevor looked towards nurse joy “We came here because it was the closest outlet that could at least nurse her and her Pokémon, but even though Nurse Joy can heal Pokémon she’s no good when it comes to humans, and you can forget about it with the minimal supplies she already has to work with.” Serena looked down at Shauna, she was breathing heavily and her normally soft expressions looked almost as if she was pain “… I’ll see if I can call my mom” Trevor raised a brow “Why, exactly” Serena turned away from Trevor as she dialed her mother “So we can take care of her at my house- Hello?” Trevor watched as Serena excited the Pokémon center, then looked back down to Shauna. “Oh, hey Serena! What’s up?” Serena looked out into the sky “Not much mom! Well… actually. It’s mostly the opposite” her mother sucked her teeth “Oh? What’s wrong, honey?” Serena shook her head and laughed softly “Too much to explain over a phone! But mom, I do have a question…” she paused in between “Can I invite some friends over?”


Transferring from the Pokémon Center to Serena’s house wasn’t as much a hassle as it may have seemed, the only hard part was keep Shauna on board Altaria without dozing off and falling, luckily Altaria took care of most of that with its wing span. Serena’s mother didn’t oblige to having anyone over, the house was empty anyway and she knew everyone who Serena was going to bring over anyway so she knew what she was getting into. Shauna’s coats were swapped out for actual blankets as Serena and Calem explained to everyone and Serena’s mother about the whole exploration, saying step by step what had happened… except for the more personal parts of course, those were for the two of them and the two of them alone. While Serena did give the whole couch for Shauna to lay down on Shauna insisted she would feel better if she sat down with her, not objecting she had down next to her friend as the rest of them stood around the kitchen and living room watching whatever was on TV


“Well, it sure sounds like you all had one heck of an adventure” Serena’s mother laughed “Well, it was supposedly all worth it. At least one group found the source of the quaking and possibly…?” Trevor raised an eyebrow at Serena, who noticing opened her bag and pulled out a small gleaming stone “Right here Trevor!” he walked up and examined it “it has the inner marking, matches the main colors of the Pokémon…” he smiled and placed the gem back in her hand “Now you just need to try it” Serena took it back into her possession and looked at it “Zygarde gave it to her directly, we didn’t have to look for it or anything” Calem spoke up “I just wish we could have gotten more…” Tierno stared over at Calem “There were MORE?!” Calem nodded “Probably a whole cave full hidden in the caverns farther under… but I’m still somewhat glad we didn’t fight over them” Trevor nodded “I agree. My mind set would most definitely be greedy if I was with you all but I can see now how Zygarde may have been defending those pieces” Trevor started to think “Now here’s the only question: Why?” Calem smirked “I’ll let you think about that a bit more, Trevor…” Trevor looked up at Calem “What? Do you know something that I don’t?” Calem shrugged his shoulders “Nah, it’s most likely just a hunch” still wearing his sly smirk. “Just one thing though, Calem” Trevor raised an eye at him “If you didn’t stop Zygarde then it’s going to keep sending out those energy waves, if that keeps happening then someone else will go hunt for it and if it finds it, then what” Calem was quiet for a while, he smirked before talking “You’re talking about a Pokémon that gave Serena a mega stone without any presentation of the Pokémon that she had previously, you are also talking about the Pokémon that could take on two Pokémon with a near breeze. Zygarde is on its own quest, just like how we were to find him, it knows what it’s doing, and it’s not afraid to put a Pokémon or even trainer for that matters in its place” Calem turned to Trevor, their eyes locking “The mines abandon for a reason Trevor… and if we have to let it be then we must.” Trevor stared at him for a while before breaking the connection “….I can’t exactly argue there.” Serena’s mom stood up “Serena, can you grab these Poffins and bring them up to Ryhorn?” Serena snapped around “Bring them up?! Up where?!” Serena’s mother took out a warm plate of Poffins “Up in your room. Sorry to break it to you Sweetie but he doesn’t like it down here” Serena almost shot out of here seat until she remember that Shauna’s head was leaning on her lap, carefully she got up ‘Wheeere are you gooooinggg~” Shauna weakly wined “Don’t worry, I just have to go feed Ryhorn, I’ll be back in a little while” Serena then shot over to her mother and nearly burned her hands by grabbing on to flaming hot trays of Poffins, Trevor quickly replaced the spot Serena was sitting in “… So, have you given in?” Shauna tried to sit up the best she could, she started to laugh at Trevor’s response “Well, that’s one way to put it” she giggled “I knew it from the beginning, I just thought I had a shot, you know?” Shauna turned around and stared behind her were Calem stood, trying to offer help to Serena while she tried not to drop the trays of Poffins “I don’t know how to say it but the two were just meant for each other. Like the stars had aligned or the story was written straight from a fairy tale” Serena nearly slammed the tray into Calem’s face as the trays bounced in her hand “It was time for me to let them have each other, I remember when I faced Diantha and lost, she told me to remember to not blur the line of what we always want to what we always need. And though I didn’t get it back then…” Serena and Calem finally got the trays together and walked upstairs, together “I completely understand her now” Shauna yawned and slipped back around in the couch “Or maybe I shouldn’t have played “Hard to get”, either or” she shrugged her shoulders and rested her head on the back of the couch, Trevor smiled at her “Well, Shauna, I have to say that I’m proud of you. This may very well be the most mature I’ve ever seen you been before.” Shauna giggled at Trevor’s statement “Nah! It’s not like she’s going anywhere!” Shauna slid back down into the right way she should sit on the couch “Even if me and Serena can’t be together, as long as she’s happy that’s A-Okay with me!” Shauna gave Trevor a big toothy grin “Well now, look who’s feeling better?” Shauna giggled, it was lively this time “Yup! You got that right!”


“Go ahead and eat on up” Ryhorn had already cleared threw the first tray of Poffins, including the tray that the Poffins were served on as well “You know mom’s spoiling you, you little brat” the Ryhorn glared up at Serena “Don’t you give me that look, you’re sleeping in my room tonight after all” the Ryhorn smiled at her deviously “And I swear if you tip the bed like you did last time I’m kicking you out of here for good” the Ryhorn laughed in its tongue, Calem watched the two from behind “Sibling issues?” Serena stood up and Ryhorn continued to crunch on the metal “He’s always like this, lucky mom love’s him so much that he gets to stay out of his Pokeball all willy nilly” Calem laughed “I’ll take that as a yes!” the two came back downstairs laughing to each other, Serena’s mother looked over at them “… He ate the tray again, didn’t he?” Serena nodded “Well, good thing I brought two new ones… again.” Serena’s mom sighed “Hey, Serena, I want to show you something” Serena looked over at Calem, he had the door open leading outside “Um, okay! I’ll be right back mom!” Serena’s mom was to focused on finding the other pans to turn to Serena “Oh, okay honey, where are you goi-“ the door slammed shut before she finished asking the question, Serena’s friends all looking over at Serena’s mother for the answer to the same question “Um… you all want some of Serena’s Christmas cookie stash?”


The winter night was near frigid, the snow was still drifting through the air but it had calmed down from its earlier flurry, Calem and Serena walked all the down to the middle of their small town, no one was out and the cobble stone street was only lit with the faint street lights in the middle of the town


“Whew~ It’s cold out here…” Calem turned to Serena, she had only grabbed her scarf and left her coat inside “Oh, you didn’t put your coat on!” Quickly, Calem took off his own coat and put it around Serena, she jumped slightly on contact “Oh- Thank you!” Calem smiled at her, then stared down the road leading out of town “…” he laughed “Just think about it Serena.” She looked down the road with him “It all began here. Our first steps” Calem shook his head “I know it’s an obligatory, but we’ve all come pretty far since that day…” Serena nodded her head “But its true” her smile made her warm “I remember when I met you that day, and we introduced you to everyone, you just completed us!” Serena almost glew in emotions “That day, we all became Pokémon Trainers! Following our own journey… and though I had my own goal to be a strong Pokémon trainer…” Serena’s eyes shifted to the ground, her face glowing red “I found myself… chasing after you, Calem” her voice wasn’t flawed, it was actually perfect. Calem looked over at Serena “… when I first met you, when we were getting our Pokémon, I saw something in you.” Calem tipped his hat “I’m not too sure what it was, and it always bugged me, I kept thinking about you because of it and I could never let you off my mind…” he spat a quick laugh “And Shauna would taunt me endlessly because of it, I’m sure you’ve seen that first hand” Serena chuckled softly to herself “But, after we both took on the Elite 4 I finally realized it, somehow, without even knowing you, you somehow had part of me” Serena’s gaze grew up to Calem, she stared at him with big open eyes, she had the same feeling, the same way he described it “I don’t know what it is, or what it was! But when we battled together, we hung out together or did anything I could feel us becoming one another instead of just being different people doing their own thing.” Calem looked up to the sky, his breath freezing as he talked in puffs “My faults were your skills, what I seemed to dislike you loved, and though all of it you gave me a greater understand of it, every piece, every part!” Serena felt her eyes starting to burn again, her heart burning along “So I… I really don’t know how to put this! I just… I couldn’t stand without being with you! I don’t care if you’re weak! I don’t care if you’re strong! All I care about is you, and not you changing yourself to be more like me or whoever else! Because the way you are…” Calem turned to Serena “Is what makes me and made me who I am today” two sat under the town light, their faces both glowing red, Serena slowly walked over to Calem, and then burst into a sprint as the two tackled into each other “Calem…” Serena hugged Calem tighter than ever before, as he did the same to her “Yes, Serena?” Serena’s and Calem’s eyes locked together, and then as if time stood still and every snowflake in the entirety of the Kalos region froze in place…

They kissed.


As they broke apart from each other Serena finished what she had to say “I love you.” Calem snickered at her remark “I love you to, Serena” the two shined in the streetlight, embraced in each other for longer than either had felt they had

“Hm. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous~” hearing a separate voice the two nearly rocketed apart from each other, both Calem and Serena stared down to see their shorter female friend “Shauna!” Serena said, her face flustered “Aren’t you supposed to be inside getting better?!” Shauna stretched out “I already feel better, I also wanted to see if what I gave up was worth it…” she closed her eyes and opened one at the two of them “But looking at you two love birds out here I don’t have a doubt in my mind it wasn’t.” Serena gave Shauna a disapproving glare, it seemed so familiar “Oh, what? I knew about the two of you since the very beginning!” Serena’s look changed to a more embarrassed after that, she knew it was true “Anyways, Trevor wanted to see you two battle, he is really interested to see if that stone you have works!” Serena took the gem out the bag and looked at it “I’m down, if you are that is?” Calem said, tossing his Pokeball up and down in his hand, Serena looked at the Pokémon in her bag and nodded back “Fine, you’re on!” Shauna nodded at the two then ran back inside to get the others “Shauna! Wait!” the girl stopped and turned around, Serena ran over to her quickly, it was time to make amends “Shauna... I’m not sure if you had ever noticed but I just want to say I’m sorry.” Serena held her hands together “It’s hard for me to put into words why I’m saying sorry but I haven’t viewed you as equally as I should have, but I’m done with that, you were my best friend for the longest and I don’t plan to let anything part that again, no matter what may happen you’ll always be my friend!” Shauna glanced over to Calem then back over to Serena “Ooooooooooohhh Serena. Only if you understand how hard you just slammed me into the zone” Serena blinked at her friend “Wha…?” she was confused “Aww, forget about it!” Shauna hugged Serena before dashing back inside. Still confused Serena walked back up to Calem “Did you understand that” Calem’s smile trembled “Just… don’t worry about it Serena.” shrugging she sighed she dug into her bag, pulling out the stone they had found in the mines “Well, I’m sure with this you’ll see a whole new stage to me and Altaria’s power!” Calem sighed “Didn’t I just explain to you that you don’t have to be the strongest” Serena huffed out a breath of dominance “Sorry, Cally, this comes with the package” Calem blinked at her “Don’t call me that, you have NEVER called me that before” Serena tilted her head and turned to him “What’s wrong, Cally? Don’t like the name?” Calem clicked his Pokeball “That it! You’re on!” he held out his Pokeball until her arm started to shake “But… uh~” his voice crackled with his teeth “Can we go inside and get your coat first?~” placing her hand over her mouth Serena softly giggled “Sure~”


“Okay, are you two ready” Calem tipped his hat “Ready!” Serena looked down at the gem, squeezed it tight in her hand “Ready” Trevor looked back and forth at the two “Then let the battle between Kalos Champion Calem and Kalos Champion Serena…” he held his hand up and swung it down in one swift motion “BEGIN!” Calem slung his Pokeball, a red beam shining through a Pokémon appeared, orange body and turquoise inner winds “Heya, Charizard!” Charizard turned back to Calem, roaring into the air above. Serena’s Pokeball drifted in the air as it exploded into, reveling a none other than her Altaria “Hey, Altaria!” Serena ran up behind her Pokémon and held out the gem “Hold onto this, okay?” the Altaria cooed back as the Gem sunk into its cloud like wings “I hope you’re ready for this Serena!” Calem said as he raised his Mega Ring, Charizard began to shine a fusion of colors as its Aura pulsed around it “I am! And I’ll prove it!” Serena held up her own Mega Ring, and in a burst… Altaria started to glow as well! “It’s working…” Trevor nearly dropped his phone while Tierno cheered at his side “Now this is better than last year!” he pumped his fist into the air, Trevor just sighed looking unamused “discovery of a new Mega Stone or Parfum Palace, equal bout in my book” Shauna smiled at the two, cheering to the extreme “Yup! This was totally worth it” she smirked “Hey! Serena!” Serena looked over at her “Show Calem why we love you so much!” Shauna threw her hands in the air as Serena shook her head in a jest, not truly knowing the extent of what Shauna had said. Altaria shinned brightly as it evolved further that the light engulfed Serena as well, as her eyes filled with white and her memories started to resonate with her


“Hello, my name is Calem, nice to meet you!” a younger figure held his hand out and a younger female figure did the same “Nice to meet you to! My name is Serena!” a few tears split as Serena was re-wrapped in her memories “This is where it all began…” Serena raised her fist up “Let’s go all the way, Altaria!” Serena felt every part of her become one, even against Calem she was complete, and she was sure that he felt the same way to “Hold nothing back, Calem!” she shouted into the night as the blinding light finally subsided, reveling a beautifully queened Altaria and in front of it a black and blue Charizard, both trainers starring each other dead in the eye, both smiling, both together, finally one.

Together they both yelled in sync

”Bring it on!”

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