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"Perfecting the Princess of Parfum Palace" for Definefreakforme

Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] definefreakforme
Title: Perfecting the Princess of Parfum Palace
Author: Hiya! That’s me! Ashkoiy/[tumblr.com profile] ashcoforever!
Rating: PG-13
Verse: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y! I didn’t base them much on the Anime mostly because I’ve yet to watch it.
Characters/Pairings: Serena, Professor Sycamore, Lysandre, Calem, Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor.
Summary: At short notice Serena and her friends are invited to parfum palace, but knowing that Serena isn’t ready Serena’s friends go to their professor Sycamore for help. It’s now the 24th, it’s time to train Serena into shape and with a little help by a familiar friend it should be a piece of cake… or pecan pie?
Note: I just want to say I couple of small things about this before it starts-
One would be that this is not the after the game is over, So if you have ever played Pokemon X or Y then the game hasn’t ended yet, think of this as the after you go to Parfum and get invited back if you know what I’m talking about
If you don’t… Then wat are u evn doin, Go play some Pokemanz RIGHT NOWZ!
Um, if there are a lot of mistakes Then I’M SORRYZ! I had to get someone to check it over last second and then check it over again myself so It should be good to go!
Last so I don’t hold you up…
Don’t hate me for going a bit off the plotz plox, sry if I failed u…
Well, here ya’ go!
(Hope you enjoy itz!)

Lumiose city, alight by its passion for fashion and famous sight across the sky, Prizm tower. It is such a well-rounded city, you could do nearly anything you desired! Go clothes shopping, grab a coffee at the café, head down to the museum and so on and so forth. But right now, at a table deep inside one of lumiose’s restaurant’s a man lay in his chair waiting to not only face his pupil but also one of the biggest challenges of his life.

“I wonder when he shall be-“ Lysandre walked through the opening just as the words came out of the professors mouth, he made his way over to the table in a casual fashion and took his seat with the professor, adjusting his suits manner as needed “It is a pleasure to see you professor” Lysandre said with a nod

“Likewise with you Lysandre” he gestured a welcoming motion with his hand “So… you were serious about all this…” Lysandre looked slightly disappointed but Sycamore nodded back at him which didn’t help the situation in the slightest “100%. At first I thought it was just small minimal things with her, as one would joke around with… but come to see what her friends were saying and you might find that you wish they were joking” Sycamore chuckled but Lysandre wasn’t fazed at all

Lysander let out a hard sigh “On a serious note professor, does the girl know nothing, and I mean nothing about common etiquette? From a movie, a book, anything at all? She has to have seen some representation of it, would be royalty or not.” Sycamore shrugged, he had been given the task but it wasn’t the most detailed instructions he had ever received “It seems as if she has known nothing of it her whole life… though she does try and I can respect greatly, Devotion is step 0.”

Looking irritated Lysandre sighed “Fine. Now would you please explain me one thing?” Sycamore smiled at him “Of course.” “Why us? Why me? You and I both know that we have things to do on our own time let alone the very few times that we get a break to do whatever else. This girl has a mother if I’m correct, why not let her sit her own daughter down and go through this?” the man had become quite up riled as he changed his stance in the seat. He didn’t hate her, he had actually met the girl several occasions beforehand but never in any formal way, in the end he wasn’t ready to drop everything he was doing and tend to her needs, especially for something that seemed quite trivial to him

Sycamore put his elbows on the table in front of him and looked into Lysandre eyes, his pupils serious “Listen to me… think of this as a favor. The girl has to attend to manners down at Parfum, if we could just have this one chance to teach her a lick of sense on what it is to not be presented as a child or a teenager but a woman then who do you think would be suited for the job?” Sycamore stretched his hand out to Lysandre “You Lysandre, you carry yourself with a pride and strength of ambitions that I feel are unknown but yet cover it in a slick coat which presents you as a man. Not only formal, not only proper but also unique” bringing his hand back to himself he pointed at his chest “And me? What do I have? … I think the real question is what I don’t?”

Sycamore laughed again but as before Lysandre seemed utterly uncaring about everything he had to say “Regardless of all that let’s just give her a day to remember… something that she can look back on in memories of another day. She is on an adventure of her very own after all, carving her own way and making her own stories with every waking day. Let’s give her this chance, something that she can remember later and smile, laugh and just enjoy, hm?” He said it awaiting for a response

Lysandre’s eyes seemed dulled out, listing but not truly caring. His answer however was quite repelling to that “Fine. Looks like you’re two for two.” He shut his eyes and shook his head “If I didn’t know you any better professor I would say you’re spitting out nonsense. But honestly, how can a girl be so oblivious to the art of etiquette? Boys are the ones who can’t control themselves in the manner” a brush of air shivered through the restaurant with the soft tapping of a door shutting in the faint background, Sycamore leaned back in his chair, barely tipping it off the ground “Why of course, males will always be the dominantly rowdy gender when it comes to such behavior. One of her friends even seems to know a bit more about the subject then she does and I’m sure she is younger than her…” sycamore took a deep breath

“I feel that… she has a beauty of her own, it’s not like she was brought up with this type of life style that would set her off, Grace has a diverse style of her very own despite her daughters known skill” Sycamore closed his eyes as he heard the voices of multiple people chatting away in the background though one conversation caught his ears

Lysandre clenched his right hand in a fist “It doesn’t matter if she was born with it or not. Every living being on this very planet has some recollection of knowledge that can tell them if something is right or something is wrong, case shut. Having any sort of class basically applies to the same formula professor, and no matter how you try there is no getting around that”

Sycamore opened an eye to Lysandre’s statement but he noticed that as he looked at him the voices his ears had heard were departing straight into his sight, he looked at the figures above Lysandre’s shoulders and smiled, laying his head back down onto his hands “You may very well be correct Lysandre…” Lysandre gave a sharp nod as the tone and volume of his voice picked up

“I am. But yet I can still never come to the conclusion on how someone has the ability to be so stupid… so idiotic… so dense… SO-“a girl walked up and nearly slammed down on the table, causing the balance to disrupt between the two as the girl budded in

“I~ I’m here! I m-made… it…” It looked as if her heart was beating outside of her chest by the way she was talking and standing, her golden brown hair laying astray upon the table “Bonjour Serena!” Sycamore exclaimed as he gave Lysandre a sly smile, Lysandre had been staring around at his surroundings as it seemed he was trying to ignore sycamore and Serena as much as possible.

Looking down at his watch Sycamore sucked his teeth “Tsk, 5 minutes late my dear, might I ask why?” Serena turned her head towards him and started to explain what she had to “M-me and Calem… were heading d-down to Lumiose… but we were getting…“ Serena went on and on stuttering the little breath she had left away as Lysandre completely ignored her, he grunted, shaking his head in disappointment and regret

“What in the world have I gotten myself into now…”

Serena went on with her story as they had adjusted her a seat at the table next to them, Sycamore listened intently, interested on what Serena had been doing while Lysandre looked away at other tables inside the cozy restaurant and nearly found himself dosing off if Serena hadn’t just finished up her story “Good, good. It’s pleasing to hear that Calem and the others are still doing well” Sycamore said with a warm smile

Serena flicked a strand hair out of her vison and nodded back with a smile “Yeah! Calem and I always see each other and then the others are always hanging around somewhere so I can meet up with them nearly anywhere!” Serena’s voice was filled with happiness “That’s why I can’t wait to see them at Parfum… we haven’t seen each other in while… well… in real life that is...” And as if she was stuck down the Happiness slowly disappeared from her body, leaving behind a weak smile.

Sycamore scratched his chin in curiosity that’s… strange… Are they purposely avoiding her? Or has it just been that hard to get together with one another… “And all of that wraps back around on how you got here… Ravishing story, Serena.” Serena’s smile seemed to become wider “Thank you, prof-“ Lysander cut through their conversation with a sharp cough “Greetings Serena. Professor, If you wouldn’t mind I would wish to get this done with by today.” It was rude but yet formal, Lysander style

Sycamore looked at Lysandre and gave another sly smile “Of course… Waiter!” a girl made a small dash over to the table after hearing that someone was in need of something “Yes sir, how I may assist you?” he turned to her “Oh, pardon me waitress. I already have a reserved order that should be waiting for me, may you please retrieve it?” the waitress nodded and took a step back from the table “Yes sir, and also may I please say that it is a honor you dine with us today” and then she headed into the back off the restaurant

Sycamore turned back to the two “What a polite young lady...” as his voice trailed off his eyes dragged over to Serena’s, Lysander did the same “… W-what? Stop looking at me like that!” Serena said as she stared down at the table burning in embarrassment. Sycamore shook off the stare while Lysandre let go of it just as fast as it had started “So, do you think you are prepared for Parfum Palace?” Sycamore asked to get Serena out of he locked state

“Well, yeah! I already know how they want people to present themselves and I already know I fit the part” Sycamore leaned on his elbow in which Lysandre gave him a gaze of disproval “Oh, really now?” Serena nodded back with her burning cheeks now a soft red “Yup!”

“How do you formally greet someone?” The words shot from Sycamores mouth like lightning “Wha?” Sycamore smiled “How would your formally meet or greet somebody you know or haven’t meet before?”

Serena sat there for a bit thinking to herself “well… shaking hands is for guys..” she rambled on for only a few seconds until in a burst she shouted “Duh?! The normal way we meet each other, but only if you’re a girl!” Sycamore titled his head in confusion “Excuse me, Serena?” Serena stared to gesture “You know, “Hiya!” with a wave! Oh, no, wait… “Hello” sounds a bit more practical, don’t want to look like a kid walking on in, right?” she said it as if she was sure everything she said was on point

Sycamore just stared at her, he wanted to look over to Lysandre for some form of relief but he knew that Lysandre wouldn’t dare be any calmer than he was, if the word “Calm” could even be used “Well…” He chuckled

“…We have quite a lot to work on” the waitress came back just in time, placing down a platter with several foods scattered about but among all those was a delicious desert that wafted through the air with each waking second “Here you are Sir” Sycamore smiled at the waitress with a nod of his head “Thank you, madam” she did a very faint bow “If you desire anything please don’t hesitate to ask!” and then she zoomed off back to her next set of tables

Lysandre examined the table’s assortments and looked up at Sycamore “Feel free to choose from whatever you may desire, this is my treat…” Sycamore said aloud, Lysandre observed the array and got up out of his seat “I appreciate your offer, professor. Let me just wash up and I shall return” Lysandre then proceeded on his way towards the bathroom

“Wow! You have a whole meal set our Professor” Serena’s voice became cheerful again, forgetting the question that she had previously asked him completely, Sycamore grinned at her statement “Why yes, of course! Because this is where we will begin your training…”

STYLE 1: Manners of the dining time table top

Serena sat forward in her chair, a plate prepared before her and several of multiple different forks and knifes that sat by her side as well, she looked back at the food in front of her as Sycamore prepared to serve her “Are you ready?” Serena nodded rapidly, she was nearly starving after her days events “Alright then, May I present you… desert!” The professor lifted the cover off of the dish that had been letting of a unique fragrant into the air. Sweet and subtle the smell wafted through the air at it’s seems of the lid…

A strawberry twisted vanilla swirl pecan pie was smell, still steaming slightly from being under the lid and out of the oven it was undoubtedly fresh and ready to be eaten. The professor cut a piece for Serena and placed it on a separate plate from her main one, it laid in front of her “Bon-“ but before the professor could finish Serena had already picked up utensil’s and stared down the pie as if it was the last thing to eat on earth “hehe… I’m going to gobble you up so fast you won’t even know wh-“ “No.” Serena looked up at her professor, his arms were folded and his head was shaking back and right “Huh?” Sycamore opened his eyes and pointed down at the plate “You aren’t using the right utensils nor holding them the right way. I wouldn’t dare to start on your impression…”

Serena blinked, clueless at him, she understood what he was saying but kept her lost expression, slowly dragging her hands down to the place to cut a slice “No…” She kept going, still keeping eye contact “No.” the fork was now centimeters away from the steaming desert, causing dew to form on the tip of it “Serena!” she dropped her hands back down to her sides in a face of annoyance and defeat

“Pleeeeeeeeease~ professor! Just one bite, it’s killing me!” Sycamore waggled his finger disapproving her statement “Serena, you won’t gain anything if I just let you eat away!” Serena shook her head “Trust me! I will learn! It’s just that this… this masterpiece is LITERLY killing me!” Though she tried professor sycamore seemed intent on holding his ground, not letting up a budge at her plea “fine… so how do I- wait, Lysandre’s is leaving?” Serena stared at the door with a tilted head and sycamore quickly followed after her, turning to it he saw no one “Where? Did he already exit the bui-“ Lysandre was one to walk up and leave if he found whatever he was attending to pointless though when the professor turned around he noticed the door shutting closed.

Walking back with his hands in his pocket, Lysandre re approached the table noticing Serena and the professor but most importantly, the table “What happened to the pie…” Sycamore spun around after hearing Lysander’s voice, he looked up at him, he was right their “Wait, so you didn’t leave, Serena? who…” Looking over to her he noticed crumbs, pie crumbs stuck onto her face with vanilla strawberry jam.

“That’s not all, professor. Look at the pie.” Lysandre had already figured out what happened, Sycamores eyes slowly adjusted to the pie, his eye almost twitched at the sight of only 6/10 of it left.

Serena looked back and forth at the two in a panic and then pointed her finger at Lysandre “… So you are saying that Lysandre did this?” she nodded with a small grunt of being assure, Sycamore sighed and let out a faint laugh, Lysandre sat back down, giving Serena a burning gaze

“Well then” Sycamore said “Let us see what is up next on the menu…”

STYLE 2: The Greeting of a Graceful Woman

Lysandre and Sycamore finished their meal, Serena? She was in the back getting changed “So what shall you attempt to teach her next…” Lysandre said as he wiped the brim of his mouth with his napkin, Professor Sycamore smiled up at Lysandre “Nothing hard… just her entrance.” Lysandre cocked an eyebrow

“Of course, that’s why she is changing clothes after all, isn’t it?” Sycamore nodded yes “Though I did tell her to bring a dress with her… she it forgot” Lysandre shook his head “Not surprising. Not for a second” but when Lysandre opened his eyes he noticed a smug look across Sycamores face “Though I didn’t forget…” Lysandre just looked at him, he was up to something but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Okay! She’s ready!” A boy held the doors from the back of the restaurant open and two girls walked out, one in the formal dress uniform and the other in a long black and white dress, the girl in the dress stuttered her movement as if she was trying not to be seen “Stop! We-were going back! Thi-this is just embaresi-“ the waitress next to the girl whispered back to her “Trust me, just get what you need get done and then take it off, you are drawing more attention to yourself!”

The two girls finally made their way to the table, one hiding her face and one still locked in arms with the other girl, with a closer look you could tell that the dress wasn’t any normal attire but a maids uniform

“We didn’t have any normal size dresses that fit Mrs. Serena but we have some old maid dresses that we never shipped down to Laverre city when moving the café, but it fits her perfectly!” Lysandre stared at her as a quick snicker escaped from deep inside him, it was hilarious to him and he started to think this was much more of a punishment then a lesson

“Thank you very much, I appreciate going the extra step” The waitress smiled with a nod as the waiter walked over to the table as well “Shall we be taking theses to the back as well?” it was a joke yet the only action he really received was from Serena’s aura, he could feel the heat burning off of her, unseen anger “Yes please, and may you also move the table back a bit so we have a bit more room?” the two attendants nodded and started to their business of taking the dishes to the kitchen and relocating the tables position

“…” Serena stood before the two still hiding her face “You look adorable, Serena” throwing her hands away from her face she looked down at her professor with an embarrassing and yet enraged face “NO I DON’T! I look like I’m someone’s servant!” Lysandre chuckled again “Yet, aren’t you the one who got yourself in this situation?” Serena turned to him “S-SHUT UP! IT’S NOT FUNNY! Can we just get this over with already” She completely ignored his question but he knew she would, he was starting to understand Serena much better than before

“Why yes, why don’t we” Sycamore snapped his fingers and looked over at Lysandre “Lysandre, if you wouldn’t mind standing in front of Serena.” Lysandre glanced over to him and back at Serena, he started to smirk again at the verge of letting free another laugh “Just because of “This” I shall”

Getting up he slightly towered over Serena, by a foot, still enough for Serena to have to look up at him to make eye contact “Now please greet Serena” In a moment Lysandre did a bow before her, folding his arm under him and extending his second hand towards her as if she were to take it

“Now Serena, you are going to perform a Curtsey” Professor sycamore got up from his chair and stood next to Lysandre and did the gesture “Taking two even ends of your dress or two equally separate parts from the front and lifting them up slightly while placing one foot in front of the others with a smooth descended…” now in the position of a completed Curtsey he looked over to her “Is how you would perform it”

Serena once again had the bland face she held earlier with the pecan pie, her body kept shriving, the ambiance of her just knowing that nearly everyone was watching her halted her movement and response “Go ahead, try it!” Sycamore said with an entrusting smile, after clutching her heart Serena took in one last breath and took hold of her dress, as she put one foot in front of her other and everything before her fell apart

Falling forward, Lysandre glanced up from his bow as Serena body tackled the two the ground on top of each other “Girl. What are you doing?” Lysandre said in a voice of rage “Do you have any Idea how much suits like these cost, let alone get cleaned for?” but she didn’t reply, actually, Serena was already on her knees by the time Lysandre even noticed she got off of him

“. . . Never again” Lysandre got himself off the ground as he heard the words come from her mouth “Excuse me?” but Serena once again ignored him and went running to the back of the restaurant, brushing waitresses and waiters aside along the way

Lysandre was at a lost to what just happened Professor Sycamore however had a face of pure red as his hands laid over his eyes “Serena… are you go-“ “She ran to the back, professor” he took his hands away from his eyes and dropped them down to his side “Well… that was something” Lysandre still having no clue to what just happened asked Sycamore “What was something?”

Sycamore sighed “Her… falling on you…” Lysandre shrugged as he casually dusted himself off “Yes, and what about it?”

Sycamore gave Lysandre a serious look “… Do you not… remember?” Lysandre just stood there “Obviously not, Professor” Sycamore let out a soft laugh which grew into a pleasing chuckle
“Haha… oh my, Lysandre…” He said with a smile “Well, let us move on then!”

Style 3: Melody of the remains

Lysandre and Sycamore were waiting once more for the return of Serena, after she had ran out to the back in a blushing flurry of red they weren’t exactly sure how she would come out of the back like, if she would still be willing to learn more or giving up as if it was the end of everything

After that slight “event” either reply would be completely reasonable “… So what is next, professor?” Sycamore looked down at his watch and sighed “I’m not too sure… We have to get ready soon and so far nothing seems to be working…”

“Hate to say I was right.” Lysandre said with a small laugh “I don’t think Serena is the proper type of girl to ever understand etiquette, just look at her. She can’t even resist eating as far as I know” Sycamore let out a heavy breath of air to himself “No… she can do it, however…”

The professor dropped his head and eyelids “It won’t be herself doing it…”

The back doors split open as the male waiter from earlier ran up to the table the two sat at “Excuse me Sir’s but Serena has left the building!” Lysandre turned to the waiter in a quick spin “She left?” The waiter nodded as Sycamore also turned towards him “Didn’t she hang all of her stuff up in the front of the building?” the waiter nodded “But when she went to change into the dress she asked if we could bring it all to the back as well, which is why we are guessing she just grabbed her stuff and ran out when she had the chance”

Sycamore placed the check on the table along with two tips of money “We are going to see if we can find her, thank you for all of your help today” the waiter nodded “Good luck, it’s getting really rough out there!”

“Delphox! You can’t keep this up! There is just too much!” Outside, traveling in nearly a foot and a half of snow Serena was on her way home, Delphox clearing the way for her as she made haste but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold this up. Delphox was strong but the weather was just so much worse

“Del-Delphox!” it replied to its trainer confident, if she had to go through all of this alone then her Pokémon wouldn’t mind going through all of it either

The ground shook from under their feet as more snow came flying down, Kalos was in complete blizzard though that shouldn’t have any effect on the earth. The sound of crushing snow at a rapid pase also came after that and soon Serena and Delphox were on their last limb of standing
“Why is the grou-“ and then out of nowhere it rolled in from the farther parts of the forest, a giant bolder with snow stuck in its cracks, it raced right in front of Serena

“Woah… this thing almost-“ but she couldn’t finish, Delphox dragged her off her feet and behind her “Delphox! Dellllphox!” it was engaging the bolder though nothing happened “Delly? What’s wrong?”

The bolder started spinning around and did a small bounce upward and then out of nowhere limbs appeared, it wasn’t a bolder, it was a… “GOLEM??!”

Slamming one foot on the ground the Golem shook the whole ground “A golem?! Why a golem? Um… Delphox! Come back!” the Pokémon looked back at her trainer devastated “Del? Del, Del?! Del!!-” and in an instant she was alone again. Delphox wanted to stay, Simply because she knew that her Serena had no clue what she was going to do next

“This doesn’t make sense! What is a golem doing all the way out here in THESE kind of conditions!” putting her pokeball back into her bag and took out a PokeToy and threw it down on the ground in front of her

In mere seconds she was running away but in no time she heard the rolling of crushed snow following straight after her again, she wasn’t faster than it and with each step she felt as if her end was coming closer and closer

“This doesn’t make sense… This isn’t fair! THIS ISN’T FAIR-“ “Keep the ground clear, Pyroar!” a voice yelled from far behind “Now! Mienshao! High Jump Kick!” Serena kept running on for her life, she wasn’t even focused on the voice behind her as she heard a crash and the rolling stopped “SERENA, MOVE OUT THE WAY!”

Serena spun around to see an air born Golem flying straight at her, she was stuck in her tracks until she was tackled out the way and Pyroar had saved her.

Serena laid in the cold snow, for a second, grabbing onto her heart again as it ached for everything to calm down, things were happening to fast and she just… she just wanted everything to stop “Get up Serena.” A hand extended down to her, she grabbed it as she was lifted up, the firmness, the tone and the Pokémon, she had to look up to see him

It was Lysandre

Pyroar walked back over to the two as Mienshao check back up on the Golem, it had ran away, leaving its tracks in the snow of its trail

“Why did you just get up and leave.” Lysandre said, his tone was colder than the snow in the air

“I- … I just wante-“ Lysandre stomped his foot “The real and honest reason reason, girl.”

Serena’s eyes boiled with simmering tears, she looked up at Lysandre with the brim tipping right down her face

“I AM! AND I CAN’T TAKE IT… I CAN’T DEAL WITH ALL OF THIS… Each time I try to fix something, each time I want to actually do something I keep on Messing it up or screwing myself over in the end” She grabbed at her hair, though most of it was stuck together “Calem, Tierno, Shauna, Trevor, I wanted to see them… I wanted to hang out but… I knew I couldn’t so this would be my one chance… but…” Serena’s tears flooded her face “I screwed up again… and something else told me long ago… that this was bound to happen from the beg-“

“Stop talking.” his voice was still low and still as cold as ever, Serena looked back at him again, his eye lids were closed, she snapped away from him in anger “… Forget it.” turning away she started to make her way away from him “Everything you did, if you messed up on everyone, even today… then I have no seconds thoughts on you being a complete failure” Serena kept walking until she heard that, it made her halt in her tracks. She then turned around and glared at Lysander “I don-“ but as he normally would, he cut her off “Unless it’s you.” Serena was confused “… Excuse me?” Lysandre opened up his eyes and turned to the snow covered girl, her eyes damp and her whole body nearly drenched with snow, he would soon become the same “Serena, you have a heart so big I don’t have any clue on how to comment on it. You are sacrificing yourself for your friends, everything you did today further proves that as well Though it was a failure… regardless, that’s not the point I’m trying to make”

Serena looked down at the snow “No… I’m not. I’m selfish. I run away time after time again because I don’t want to embarrass myself, I don’t want to embarrass them! So I figure if I was never-“ Lysandre once again cut through “Exactly, Serena. Nobody wants to be made fun of so if you protect yourself while also protecting your friends then so be it…” Lysandre pet Pyroar as he sat down next to him “But you never gave up on them, your friends. The one thing you are fighting for, why you go through these trials and tribulations. They are what hold you down and instead of dropping them to the ground you lift them up even higher than before. Is that selfish?” Serena was quiet, she looked out into the forest as the snow grazed the trees, she started feeling warm inside again “No, bu-“

“No 'Buts' Serena. Everyone on this planet is going to make mistakes, no matter how much of a man I am or professor Sycamore is we are still going to make mistakes. But with your type of passion and inner strength, it’s hard to ever imagine you giving up on everything, this can’t be the worst thing you have ever gone through so I have no doubt you will be able to make it through and even farther next time.” Serena looked at Lysandre, this wasn’t Lysandre. This wasn’t who she knew. The man had never been too fond of her, probably because she always seemed to be getting in his way in some sort of manner yet here he was, telling her that everything is not only going to be alright but that she did something… right

“… Why are you telling me this? I messed up everything today! The eating, that weird bow thing, I CANT DO EVERYTHING RIGHT!!!”

Lysandre dropped his head “Then simply don’t do it wrong.” The two stood their, taking in what Lysandre just said, she smiled slightly “I understand what the professor was trying to tell me now, it makes me wonder if he actually knew this all alo-…” Serena tilted her head at lysandre “Never mind, Serena.”

“You are your own entity in this world, and if being fancy, formal and everything else of class takes that away from you then don’t let it. Don’t let it rip you away from yourself and pick everything apart. Just… be yourself, even if that you isn’t perfect, even if you have flaws stringing left and right…”

Mienshao walked back up next to Lysandre “Be yourself, even if you mess up everything every time. Because I know that someone like you will never truly give up, for better…” he sighed “Or for the eternal worse”

She was crying, Serena was crying aloud, she was lost at what just happened. Someone who basically had no true care for her had just taught her that she was worth much more than she ever thought of herself being “… L-Lysandre?”

The man made a sound of triumph “No need to thank me.” Serena let off a short laugh, the dew still fresh in her frozen eyes “Well then…” Lysandre looked down at his watch, it was hard to see through but he made out the numbers “You may want to hurry, its 5:47.”

Serena’s eyes shot out with the rest of her emotions “It’s that late already? I have to get going! Moms gotta do my hair, I gotta get my dress, a shower-“

Lysandre chuckled “Good luck child.” Serena turned to him from her pause “Wait? But… how did you…” but when she turned around nobody was their but the Pyroar, it got up and walked next to her and started to clear out the snow

Serena kept looking around for Lysandre but she couldn’t find him anywhere, she walked beside the Pyroar as he kept her warm and made a way through the snow for the two, her clothes even started to dry up a slight bit. By the time the two made it home Serena was nearly worn out, but she knew that it was only just beginning

Offering the Pyroar a stay in the house it refused and sat outside the door “Well, okay then. Thank you little guy!” petting it on the head it purred to her and she walked inside her house to get ready, by the time Serena closed the door and looked back through the window the Pyroar was gone

“Huh, that’s stra- GUHL!” in a squeeze Serena’s mother gave her daughter a hug “Happy Christmas Eve Serena!” Unable to breath, Serena made sputtering sounds to indicate that sooner or later should would need to breathe again “Alright, alright. Don’t act like I was going to kill you or anything. Come on, let’s go get you ready! And also… I thought I told you to get back here by 5?!”

Serena laughed after regaining her breath “Sorry mom… I guess I got caught up…” her voice was a sweet mellow tone, so sweet her mother even questioned it “… caught up with what?” Serena gave off a low blush as she giggled to herself, she felt good again, she felt like herself
“With reality.”

-An hour and a half later-

Serena walked inside the palace, the whole place towered over her without a doubt, some to most of the people their recognized her in mere seconds, she wasn’t extremely popular but with the dress she was wearing and her diverse attitude, it didn’t take long for people to figure out who they were greeting

“I wonder where they are… I want to see them before we have to go up…” Serena said in her mind, she wandered around alone, greeting people left and right “Maybe upstairs…”

Going up the stairs she heard a familiar voice echo down the stairway “-With Shauna? Are you sure Tierno?” In anticipation Serena started to run up the stairs towards what she could only assume to be her friends “I’m positive! Calem even told me himself!”

Looking over to her left she saw two figures, one small and one quite large, she had no doubt on who they were anymore, a smile spread across her face with ease “Well if you say- … S-serena? Is that you?!” the voice was a high pitched with a tender intellect of smartness somehow infused with the voice, it had to be Trevor. And it was

“Hehe~ hey guys!” she laughed at how shocked Trevor was, Tierno turned around as well after hearing Trevor say her name “Oh snap! Hey Serena, how’s it been on the flip side?” Trevor gave Tierno a scolding look

“For the last time Tierno, STOP. TALKING LIKE THAT. We are a divine event and you are just going to sit here and act as if you are a hoodlum of some kind? Honestly…” Tierno grunted “And the same goes for you! Quit calling my G- my friend a hoodlum!” Serena laughed at the two, they broke up their arguing as they heard her laughing

“Just let him be, Trevor. Trust me, he’s better this way then I could ever imagine Tierno being.” Tierno did a victory stance “See? I told ya… bro” Trevor shook in disgust, he was breaking such fine arts with his disruptive font of text “Also, Serena, you look amazing! Your hair and your dress all together

Her face grew warm, she smiled at the two “Thank you, Trevor!” but it was obvious he wasn’t done talking “But… might I ask about the…” he pointed at her head, she felt the top of it as two soft fluffy domes sat upon her head “Oh! Yeah, my Fennekin ears! I also made the tail a bit longer to resemble a Delphox” she sounded proud but Trevor was still serious “… but why?”

Serena just smiled back “Well, why not?” Tierno backed her up “Yeah! Why not!! It’s not like they don’t match her dress! It fits her and everything” Trevor sighed and just accepted it
“So guys, where are the others?” the two shrugged “We were actually about to go out and look for them, we know they are together but just don’t know where they went…” Trevor said “Well then what are we waiting for, let’s go!” Serena lead the way as the two followed behind her “Alright, here we come guys!” Tierno shouted from the back

The group searched around left and right, going back downstairs, back upstairs and even back out to the front of the palace, time was flying fast as the group soon realized that if they didn’t find them in enough time…

“Come on! They have to be SOMEWHERE” Tierno cried as they checked the same room for the 4th time “Yes, they do, Tierno. We just don’t know where they are” Serena continued walking until they saw the back door “… wait a second, the gardens!” Serena ran ahead as the two other Pokémon trainers made haste to keep up behind her.

The night was cold, most of the snow had been moved aside as the group walked out to the partially lit garden, a stage had been set near the middle of it all and on that stage though it was far away lay a boy in blue suit with gray black and white and a girl dressed in pink and blue, with hair that couldn’t be mistaken

“Come on! Where is she at! It’s almost gonna be too late!” Calem patted Shauna on the head

“Don’t worry Shauna, you and I know Serena like nobody else, She will be here-“ Staring out they saw the Kitsune eared girl make her way towards the stage, luckily things weren’t getting to packed in yet “-… when you need her the most” Shauna threw Calem’s hand off of her head and completely disregarding the situation yelled out to her friend

“SERENA, GET YOUR BUTT UP HERE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I GO DOWN THERE AND DRAG IT UP HERE!!!” Calem chuckled nervously as Serena tried to hide her face from the crowd, snickering with a blazing red face all the way up the to the stage

As the whole group regrouped they all made a circle and targeted Serena down “So, how was it?” Shauna started “Huh?” “You know, with the professor teaching you abo-“ “FINE! It went… fine” Serena rushed the words out “See guys? I knew she could do it!” Tierno said with fierce confidence

Trevor sighed again, he could never truly understand Tierno “Did you ever think that maybe she could be, I don’t know Tierno… FIBBING?!” Tierno scratched his head “Fibbing? Sounds like a good stake to me!” Trevor’s face turned dull “Wat. I mean- latterly. what?!”

Calem sighed with a chuckled “Guys, guys! Leave Serena alone! Don’t you understand what she is about to go through? I know you love her but you can’t just strike down her heart with constructive criticism all the time, that’s how she got into that situation in the first place”
Shauna gave the two a cheeky face “And thaaaaaaaaaaats why you’re here boyfriend” the last part rocketed out though they could still make it through “Shauna!” exclaimed Calem “Sh-Shauna~! Stop it!” Serena just couldn’t stop having a face of red could she?

Shauna kept laughing, calming down only by the announcement made to the crowd “Will the main performers please move to their position on the stage, we are ready to begin with our major event”

“Alright guys, go break some legs out there!” Trevor looked at Tierno in fear “Um, Tierno… Its go Break a leg out there…” Tierno scratched his head “Huh, that’s not what she told me…”

“…TIER- You know what, good luck out their guys. I gotta talk to my 'Friend' over here” Trevor and Tierno argued off stage and vanished deep into the crowd, the three turned to each other and laughed.

“Alrighty! You guys ready?” Shauna said with a small hop, Calem smiled and turned to Serena “I think Serena’s the real one we should be worrying about” but when they looked at her eye they noticed that she was crying, not much but enough to dip at her eye lids

“I missed you guys… I missed you guys so much…” the two said nothing for a bit then Calem put his arm around her and Shauna being Shauna hugged the two of them together “I’m sorry we couldn’t meet up in Kalos earlier… but trust me… We missed you too, Serena…” Calem said softly to her, his face as warm as hers

“You got that right! But you already know who missed you the most~ Calem and Serena sittin in a tree-“ Serena’s went full on red “SHAUN- “Second call for all of the main actors, Please report to the stage immediately. Time is running short, thank you.”

“I’ll get you back later… Alright guys, let’s go get ‘em!” the three trainers did a cheer and went out to the front of the stage, it had started to lightly snow, it wouldn’t last on surfaces that had already been cleaned up but the beauty was out of the world

“Good evening everyone!” Serena said into the mic “I hope everyone out there is having a good time tonight, let’s keep on heading forward, okay?” a couple of chuckles were heard from the crowd but it didn’t faze her at all, she didn’t care anymore. She was where she wanted to be.
“Were ready at your mark, Serena…” everything became quiet as the snow kept falling

The group all grabbed their own specific instrument, Calem had an electric violin at hand, only because shauna would always bug him about wanting to play the electric guitar

Shauna wielded an electric guitar which fit her perfectly, her hyperactive nature really payed off when she had it in hand, of course they did have someone on the drums deep in the back but nobody else knew how to play that from their group

And last but not least, Serena! Serena had…

Her voice.

It might not be angels singing but as Calem said “Then it sure was a gift from one!” she never truly believed she had a good voice though, she still doesn’t but right now there was no more going back.

No more running away.

You’re gonna let it snow, letting the world go cold
But you still know I’m here… Still waiting here for you
I hope you’re somewhere safe, but do you remember who…
Said “This world could be a dream and leave the seams”?
The sun is shining
The snow is falling
And for some reason
my voice just keeps on calling
Because if this were to be replaced with me and you
I know you’d wait an eternity or two…
My body is cold but I’ll still stand here
You’re aiding my side so I have nothing to fear
Even if I froze
By the time you come and take me away
“Tonight is a night, one full of white cheer
Falling from the sky, even freezing my tears”
The words that you said…
Before you disappeared right before my eyes
So can we please just let the snow fall?
To create a tower and rule above it all
Or will you tell me the truth…
So I can stop waiting here for you.


Do you still see smile? Do you see me stand here?
Do you have dreams of me? Do you know why I’m here
Please just find me freezing, to bring me close a hear
“You idiot… you almost let me die alone out here”
The snow is shining
The sun is falling
And for a second
I thought I heard you calling
And that’s why even though my knees are out of view
I still stand here waiting, waiting in time for you
No, I can’t break! I’ve spent so long for you
Yes, I will stand! Side by side with you
But if you flee
Then it will end this whole melody
I’ll close my eyes, just this one time for you
I’ll sleep a while, with fears coming straight through
Then you died
But I know you’ll be here, Please!
So can we please just let the snow fall?
To create a tower and rule above it all
Or will you tell me the truth…
Why am I even waiting here for you?


A paradise is what we’ll see
A paradise for you and me!
Yet it is as cold as can be
A paradise for you and me!
With dew it came, in cold of breeze
A paradise… for you and me?
In a blizzard it was only me
So if I stand for you will you come save me?


In the sun's shining
While in falls it’s snowing
Is that you I see?!
Is that you coming…
So yes… just let the snow fall
I tried to wait, wait so long
But I am done, so farewell
Oh, and if you would like to know the truth
I would never stop waiting for you


But in a bleak hope
I see the sun though
And then a shadow…
A shadow of...
So I’ll keep waiting.
No I’m not swaying.
I’m still standing here
Yeah, I’m still waiting.
I’ll wait and wait and wait
Death will wait for you too
Because I’m done waiting
When I’m finally with you
(Yeah I’m done waiting, when I’m with you)
When I’m with you
(Yeah I’m done waiting, when I’m with you)
When I’m with you
(Yeah I’m done waiting, when I’m with you)
When I’m with you
(Yeah I’m done waiting, when I’m with you)
So even if it’s over
Even if it’s all a dream
Just hold a little more
Because if I’ve been waiting
Then also wait
For me.

The song almost seemed like it was over until Calem finally walked up to his microphone

You’re out there in the cold, I feel the breeze still blow
Keep your promise to me, I’m almost there, so close…

And the song ended in the bliss, Serena opened her eyes to see a astonished crowd and even hear a couple… crying “Um… thank you, everyone...” she said it in such a shy tone that Calem and Shauna almost didn’t notice it

“So… do you think we did our job?” Sycamore asked standing next to Lysandre

“…It’s as you said, if this is something that she can wake up tomorrow and remember vividly then yes, we won. But if she wakes up tomorrow and forgets as if it was nothing then we have failed. I have a feeling that that’s what we were trying to achieve in the end… not what we were to teach her what we’ve obtained over our years but she will gain tonight… wasn’t it?” Sycamore gave Lysandre a longing look and then he broke it by shaking his head and laughing under his breath “Lysandre… you never look the part but you always seem to know what is happening, don’t you?” Lysandre let his head fall “It was a unique experience…”

The two watched from the Balcony of the Palace, they were invited to the event as well but after today they figured they would lay low, or at least dodge Serena and her friends.

People, no, nearly everyone in the crowd was applauding then for the performance, even those who looked as if they had no concern for the matter still gave their fair round of applause, Serena took a deep gulp of air in, letting it out with a quivering tone “Here goes nothing…” she whispered among herself

She placed one foot in front of the other “…” Lysandre watched from high above as Sycamore talked to someone else in the hallway “Is… She…” taking two parts of her dress into her hand her body shivered “Professor.” Lysandre called out but Sycamore didn’t hear him “PROFESSOR!!!”

Sycamore turned to Lysander then his accomplice, waving a goodbye, he made his way to Lysandre “Yes, yes. What might you need Lysandre?” Lysandre pointed down to the stage “Look.”

And then with a soft descend, with a graceful hope deep in her heart Serena did a curtsy.

Sycamore and Lysandre watched, one in wonder and one in amazement “… Serena, she never gives up, does she?” Lysandre said it with a smile, the words freezing into the air as they escaped

Sycamore chuckled “Her… people like her gave up on giving up a long time ago…” Lysandre laughed “That’s one way to put it.”

“… W-where did you learn that move?” Shauna said, shocked and bewildered “Where do you think? You asked her about it today you know?” Calem said smiling, he was proud of Serena, all of them were.

The loud speaker came on in the gardens “And it is now a pleasure that we wish you all…” the speaker went silent ”*Ringing* A merry Christmas, and thank you for coming out to this year’s Gala Snowfall Festive, we hope to see you next year! … also refreshments will be served inside, thank you” but nobody really heard anything after merry Christmas, people were cheering, talking among each other, it was 12:00 on the dot. It was Christmas day!

Serena had gotten up from her curtsy now, the snow wasn’t getting to her before but as it added up things were getting slippery and cold “I had no idea that you could sing like that, Serena. You should have told us you were that good” Trevor said as he walked up on stage, Tierno followed behind him in a rush “Serena! That was SICK! Well, not sick, but you know what I mean!” he almost slipped from running up stage to fast “Watch it Tierno! Before you actually break a leg”

Everybody had a good laugh, Serena though, hers was the strongest. She was finally with all of her friends again, maybe not for forever but for right now, for right now she was with all of them.

“Come on guys! Let’s bring it in!” Shauna said jumping off the stage in dash, her dress floated down with her “You’re crazy Shauna! What if you fell down?” Calem said as he slowly reenacted Shauna’s movements with Tierno and Trevor doing the same “Then you would come pick me up, wouldn’t you dearest? Or had Serena captivated your heart away from mine… oh dear-“ “SHAUNA, WOULD YOU CUT THAT OUT!!!” Shauna mocked him in the loving voice until Calem burst through with one of his own, the started to bicker back and forth once again as Tierno and Trevor just stared “That’s us you know.” Tierno looked confused “What dog?” a sigh was heard “Never mind…”

Serena still stood on the stage, looking out over her friends with a smile, she felt like a baby as she started crying again “Thank you Professor, and you two Lysandre… Merry chsit-“ the words got caught up as her eyes drifted towards the top of the palace, on the balcony she saw two men, she had no doubt who one was and the other… the other she just knew.

Sycamore dropped his head and closed his eyes “Ah. I think she’s noticed us” Lysandre gave Sycamore a confused look “You do know how far away our location is, right?” the professor smirked “Not with hair like that my friend” Lysandre went quiet “…I guess that’s Checkmate, then.” Sycamore nodded “As it seems.” And then nearly at the same time the two said aloud “Merry Christmas Ser… e… na~” they looked at each other and started to laugh, the chances weren’t why they were laughing, it was because through it all the two seemed to have a good time

“… Merry Christmas to you both…” Calem turned around after hearing Serena “… You okay?” she nodded at him and gave a smile larger than any she had ever had before

“Well, if you say so... Come on! Let’s head on in!”

He stuck out his hand to Serena, she blushed a tiny bit when seeing it All of you… but still grabbed onto it, coming down from the stage Thank you all so much… “Last on inside is gonna get Exeggcuted!” Shauna joked as she made a mad dash to the Palace “Hey, wait up! Serena just got off the-“ She shook her head “No, I’m ready. Let’s go”

Calem sighed and smiled back at her “Well… if you say so. LETS HIT IT!” and in a flash they were off running towards the future, together

I promise… I’ll never forget this moment… I’ll remember it all the way to the very end, and even their… we will still be together… I know it.

And as the day went on it felt like Christmas was never going to end that year, but for Serena it did.

It lasted forever… in her heart.

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