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"Awake" for bisharp

Recipient: [personal profile] bisharp
Title: Awake
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Haruka_Malayo
Rating: Mature/really it’s like PG-16?
Verse: Games, Gen V/Unova
Characters/Pairings: Hilbert/N
Summary: Hilbert won’t stop looking for N, until N finds him.


This was the last place in the world Hilbert expected to find N. But then again, he had searched just about everywhere else in the world.

He had traveled all the way to the top of Mt. Coronet, trudging through the snow. He had dove beneath Sootopolis City for hints and clues, to no avail. His party had soared over blurred cities, asked countless passersby, fought numerous battles, posted signs that were forgotten about mere hours later. He had even inquired about the Distortion World before realizing that visiting there would be akin to suicide.

Anything, even a hint, would be better than nothing. No signs of the long haired man who had unwillingly stolen Hilbert’s heart, those long two years ago.

He had heard rumors of the mountain on the edge of Johto, a far away peak that was inhospitable to humans. Pokemon, however, loved it, and the rumors flew among Ace Trainers for it being a good place to level up. Hilbert had suited up, taking the Magnet Train to Saffron and traveling to Viridian by foot, then staying the night at the Center before moving on.

Despite the fact that he had searched just about everywhere, he wouldn’t stop looking.

Everywhere he went, he made contacts. Asked questions. Handed out flyers. Told the story of the heroes of Unova, and most people knew the story. After all, a good portion of Unova had been destroyed when N had been crowned King. The battle between Reshiram and Zekrom had been on every front page of every newspaper from Kanto to Kalos.

Hilbert personalized the story, though. Yes, he was the Hero of Ideals, and yes, he was looking for the Hero of Truth, and yes, that was kind of weird in retrospect. But Hilbert did still believe they could be heroes together, that one didn’t necessarily trump the other (except, of course, when it came to saving Unova from Ghetsis). He left his C-Gear ID in case anybody found anything, and they always promised to call if they did.

They never had.

But now time was really of the essence. The same news reports were saying Team Plasma was back. They criticized Hilbert for not being in Unova to battle against his ‘mortal enemy,’ but in a way, Hilbert was still helping. If he could find Team Plasma’s rightful king, maybe he could put an end to all of this.

Maybe he could put an end to all of his hurt, as well.

There was a Pokemon Center at the base of the huge, sprawling mountain, and Hilbert stepped inside, healing his team. There was a nurse there and nobody else. Hilbert felt relieved that he would at least have someplace decent to sleep some nights, at least until he got to the mountain’s highest, rockiest portions.

“Have you seen this man?” he asked the nurse, as he had asked nineteen thousand, eight hundred and forty two people before (he had been keeping track).

The nurse shook her head. “Rumor has it that somebody lives up there, at the peak of the mountain. But I thought he had come down by now. Do you need supplies?”

Hilbert thanked the nurse, staying there for the night. The first day, he took supplies and surveyed the mountain with his trusty Stoutland. The second day, he ventured near the cave’s mouth, located at the bottom. He encountered twenty Zubat...twenty too many for his own liking.

On the third day, he took his camping supplies and enough rations for three days. He ran out of rations on the fifth day, unsure if he would ever make it out of the dark maze.

Emolga continued to light the way as he stepped, but the ground spun under his feet. Dehydrated and malnourished, he still pressed on, leaning on rocks for support and gasping for breath. He spent the better half of day six sleeping, then had Stoutland carry him onward from there to try and find water.

He couldn't find N if he was dead.

Hilbert fell asleep, and before long he felt a cool breeze hit his face. When he opened his eyes, he was blinded by snow. Sliding off of Stoutland, he knelt in it and ate as much of it as he could, feeling strength slowly return. Thank goodness for Stoutland and that sixth sense that so many Pokemon had.

He took a deep breath, then shivered. He had to move back to the cave if he wanted to survive. These clothes needed dried off. If he was smart, he would let Stoutland carry him all the way back down. But Stoutland ran away from Hilbert, from where they had exited, farther up the mountain to who knew where. Hilbert peered through the snow, trying to follow Stoutland’s trajectory, unsure as to just where the dog Pokemon was heading.

He stood, knees shaking, then sank again, not having the strength to get back to the cave on his own. At this rate, he’d certainly get frostbit or worse. This was exactly what all of those training classes had taught him about as a kid. Carry a Fire Pokemon with you, they said, if you were going up a snowy mountain, and Hilbert had never bothered to train one before. He had been okay just fifteen minutes before, but now, the cold was getting to him.

He thought he heard a voice off in the distance, then Stoutland’s barks, and he closed his eyes. Stoutland found somebody to help. He’d be back on Stoutland and into the cave’s relative warmth in just a moment.

And then the arms that encircled him were familiar, and the voice had its usual lilt and rushed speak to it. There were words -- something about getting him back to the Pokemon Center before his blood pressure dropped -- but Hilbert let himself give in to whatever this dream was. As far as he was concerned, N was here now, and he could die easy.


He woke up in the Pokemon Center operating room. Not really a normal place for a human to wake up, but there wasn’t a regular human hospital around for miles.

Thankfully he hadn’t been outside long enough for hypothermia, but he had merely passed out due to being underfed and dehydrated. Nurse Joy made sure he was doing okay, said he had been out for five minutes and that medics from Indigo Plateau had been called. Hilbert shook it off, said he would be okay now that he had food, but would stay at the center overnight.

Stoutland must have brought him back here. N had been an illusion. Hadn’t he?

Nurse Joy looked up from her report. “Oh, by the way, the man who brought you in is seated in the lobby.”

Hilbert couldn’t have gotten up off the table fast enough. He lost his balance and did a face plant onto the tile, not yet completely recovered; he struggled to get up, leaned on Audino for support, and then let Audino walk him out into the empty Pokemon Center lobby. Everything looked familiar, despite the fact that there were no people; the television was broadcasting some late night show, and the usual tinny muzak was playing over the loudspeakers.

Sure enough, N was seated on a couch, straight up as if he was a kid waiting to be called on in school. He looked up as Hilbert entered the room, then bounced from the couch with much more energy than Hilbert could muster at the moment.

His voice followed suit. “There you are! Goodness, I was so worried about you. Your Pokemon friends were worried, too. I made sure they were all healed, so there’s no reason to fret. You should get off your feet! I mean, you passed out in the middle of the snow. If Stoutland hadn’t found me, I don’t know what would have happened. We need to get you to bed and make sure you’re properly warmed up. Did Nurse Joy feed you?”

Hilbert let go of Audino as N approached, then practically fell into the taller man, hugging N around the waist. His voice was muffled against N’s shirt. “Do you have any clue how long I’ve been looking for you?”

“No?” N’s chipper demeanor softened to kindness. “Although I have been away a long time. I’ve been listening to my Pokemon friends. They’ve been telling me all about the world, and I’ve learned so much. I also learned that you have been looking for me, and I’m sorry. It was never my intent to send you running after me.”

“Then...why did you go to the top of that mountain, if you knew I was looking for you?” Hilbert pulled away just enough to see if Nurse Joy and Audino were still around. They weren’t. Good.

“I had one last place I wanted to visit. The legends of Johto and Kanto tell of a Pokemon Master who took up residence in the cave. I went there to talk to the Pokemon who lived there about him, to see if I could learn anything.”

“And did you?”

N smiled at Hilbert. “They taught me to chase after my truth. What was most important to me.”

Hilbert couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed N by the collar, pulling himself up to N’s level, then removed N’s hat before kissing him. He wasn’t entirely sure how N would respond, but he didn’t care. He was beyond rational thought at this point. He couldn’t even register how N was reacting, wasn’t sure if he wanted to know.

He just knew that N was what was most important to him.

When Hilbert pulled back, N looked shocked, then his face broke out into a sincere smile. N didn’t have to say anything. Hilbert just knew.


Hilbert stumbled against the wall, fumbling for the light switch as N shut the door behind them. The small room illuminated against their frames, steady as Hilbert pulled N to the Pokemon Center bunk beds. Shoes and jackets were forgotten. Within seconds, he was in N’s arms again, pulling him in, inhaling his scent and wishing for this dream to never, never end. They sat on the edge of the bunk; Hilbert didn’t say a word, and thankfully, neither did N.

Hilbert swallowed hard; his gaze shifted a bit and he felt his pants tighten. This was not the time or the place for this -- N probably had no clue what was happening. This was sweet, innocent, child-like N whom Hilbert was holding in his arms. He had to keep it together. “Do you want the top or the bottom bunk?” he asked as he pulled away.

N’s gaze skitted across the room, eyes finally landing on Hilbert again. “What are we doing? Are we sleeping?”

Hilbert’s breath was heavy as he tried to change the subject and failed. “You could...call it that…”

He reached out for N, stroked his cheek, tucked a strand of green hair behind his ear, recalling how he had thought about this moment time and time again. Each time, the scenario had changed in his mind, depending on where he found N in his daydreams. But it always ended with N on top of him, long green hair brushing Hilbert’s chest, their bodies tight together, no sounds except for their breathing.



“This biological response that you are having is quite similar to a Pokemon in heat.”

Hilbert’s face flushed. “Excuse me?”

“Your penis is erect, but I am unsure as to how you intend to copulate with me, considering that I am not female --”

Hilbert cut N off with a kiss, their second. N yelped in muffled surprise, but returned the kiss, deepening it, pulling the smaller boy closer. Hilbert’s strength finally gave out, and he fell backward, N still holding onto him as they kissed.

When they parted for air, N loomed over Hilbert, the exact way Hilbert had envisioned it many times before. “Are you okay?”

“More than okay.” Hilbert smiled at N. “I’m just so glad I found you.”

“Do you love me?”

Hilbert, shocked, stammered for the right words. “Eh? I mean, I -- I do, I do love you, but -- that’s kind of a random question to ask.”

“It is not at all random.” N removed Hilbert’s hat from his hair. “I could tell you so much right now, about every day that I missed you, or all of the Pokemon who reminded me of you, or that I’ve wanted to kiss you ever since you defeated my father. But if you could find a way to properly copulate with me, right here, right now, I would be the happiest person in the world. I’ve imagined several scenarios where it might be possible, but I haven’t quite figured out the logistics of it. But I can’t see myself figuring it out with anybody but you, the person I love most.”

Hilbert stifled a laugh, then a sigh of relief. “I think that can be arranged.”

He woke up the next morning to strong arms around his waist and sheets kicked off the lower bunk and nine missed messages from his mom, and the sunlight pouring through the windows, proof he had finally woken up.

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