Jan. 17th, 2016

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Recipient: [personal profile] memorialrainbow
Title: The Seasons Ahead
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] aroceu
Rating: PG
Verse: Games, BW
Characters/Pairings: Black/White, Black/White/N, implied Black/N feelings
Summary: The reporters never asked him about N -- it has never been about N, for them. White's face is open and interested. Or, the AU where instead of searching for N, Black spends his post-championship at the Gear Station in Nimbasa City.

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Title: Lace and Steel
Author: [tumblr.com profile] Definefreakforme
Recipient: [archiveofourown.org profile] tauri
Rating: T
Verse: Games
Characters/Pairings: Malva/Diantha
Summary: Malva missed an important Elite Four meeting regarding the ongoing political tensions with the Indigo Plateau. Alone with Diantha afterwards, she realises how severe the situation really is.

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] hydrangeas-in-the-rain
Title: Gift for You
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] spiral-sketches
Rating: G
Verse: Pokemon Special
Characters/Pairings: Red/Yellow, Pika/Chuchu
Summary: Yellow gives Red a Christmas present and Pika gives ChuChu a bow.

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Recipient: [tumblr.com profile] wingull-sanctuary
Title: Pizza Night at the League
Author: [tumblr.com profile] flashcotton
Rating: G
Verse: DPPt games
Characters/Pairings: Cynthia, Lucian, Flint, Bertha, Aaron, ex-Galactic Grunt (OC)
Summary: Sinnoh's Elite Four and Champion order pizza. They're bad at it.
Author's Note: The original prompt asked for the League ordering pizza and the deliveryperson going through Victory Road. Originally I was going to detail the entire journey, but I eventually found myself focusing on the "ordering" part. I hope you like it!

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